New Age Christmas Jewelry

Yes, it is the merry-go season coming up, and all around is the festival vibes which give you a reminder to celebrate small moments in life and spend quality time with family. Christmas is the season of chocolates, sweets, and lots of love. Celebrate the birthday of Jesus and spread more and more love to everyone. Have you ever planned to throw a Christmas party at your home or are you planning to go to one of them? Then, you need to decide what accessories you can dazzle up to make yourself adorned. So, to have a more creative quotient we introduce the dazzle-up honeycomb, zodiac sign, and initial letter pendants jewelry that is specially designed to accentuate your look and give you a variety of options as well.

A) Honeycomb Jewelry

  • Honeycomb Diamond Necklace
  • Garnish your style essence with the Hexagon Necklace having a connecting center that links everything together towards the center. The honeycomb pattern evokes through the seven remarkable diamonds studded giving an opulent look to the pendant.  The honeycomb pendant has a unique reflection that recaptures the summer days with youthening and charm. And by the new trending jewelry style, it leaves its mark in modern jewelry creativity. The charming honeycomb diamond necklace is available in three color variants of rose, white, and yellow gold. 

    honeycomb diamond necklace
  • Honeycomb Statement Band
  • Just the Sweet Honey aura with the honeycomb real statement piece showing the Queen Bee pattern. The set design is soft and curvy on its surface, and you can add it easily with any outfit. The Queen Bee pattern makes power and authority over the kingdom and this reflects the confidence in the real sense. The honeycomb statement band is available in three color variants of rose, white, and yellow gold. 

    honeycomb statement band
  • Honeycomb Statement band in Gold
  • The epitome of creativity is truly reflected in the honeycomb link ring or you can sit the hexagonal link ring which is carefully designed to accentuate the glossy finish which is accumulated in impressive solid gold. And, the Honeycomb of Bee represents the heart chakra and balancing it brings happiness and joyfulness in life. The honeycomb statement band in gold is available in three color variants of rose, white, and yellow gold. 

    honeycomb statement band in gold

    B) Cursive Initial Necklace

    Initial Letter Pendants are immensely popular because of their intense personalized touch. One can also go for a personalized name necklace according to their preferences. Hence, you must widely check on our latest initial letter products.

    Cursive Initial Necklace

    Cursive Initial Necklace

    A personalized cursive initial necklace with the letter of choice into a cursive style and has the option of choosing the color in between rose, white, and yellow gold. This option will be an evergreen option for jewelry styling. 

    C) Zodiac Sign Jewelry

    Cancer Zodiac Sign Necklace

    The cancer zodiac sign necklace is made with love and it is suitable for July-born babies. According to western astrology, there are around 12 zodiac signs consisting of different types of behavior and personality traits. 

    cancer zodiac sign necklace

    Thus, the above options of christmas jewelry will be the best yearly investment on the occasion of Christmas. With this jewelry, you can shine and dazzle all day. Let us know what your picks are for this Christmas. 

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    Three Vintage Jewelry That are Still Relevant in 2021

    With so many jewelry options out there in the market, it is certainly a tiring job to select the one that suits you the best. If you think exploring the tips and tricks blog posts on how to buy jewelry would land you on your dream ornament, you need to change your approach as early as possible. In fact, these blog posts are only going to confuse you and at the end of the day, they will affect your decision-making for sure.

    Instead, what we would recommend is to know your requirements very well. You need to ask yourself questions like what exactly you need and why you need it? Once you get a reasonable answer, it’s time to brainstorm. Without taking the help of the internet, you have to imagine the jewelry piece and of course, while doing so, you can take inspiration from your surroundings. In such a way, you will be able to get a clear picture of your requirements escaping the traps spread by different online jewelry stores.

    If you figure out vintage-looking jewelry is something that you are looking for, we have three brilliant-looking jewelry recommendations that you must consider in 2021 before proceeding further. Before letting you know our suggestions, here is a short note of the advantages of vintage jewelry. 

    Advantages of Vintage Jewelry

    You can expect the following advantages by wearing vintage jewelry pieces:

    1. They provide a retro look that would catch a lot of attention.
    2. Vintage jewelry pieces are unique.
    3. The design aesthetics of vintage jewelry is overwhelmingly good.
    4. They don’t become outdated.
    5. They give you the flexibility to experiment.

    Three Vintage Jewelry for 2021

  • Armenian National Coat of Arms Pendant Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold
  • Along with a few other things, Armenia is also known for making brilliant jewelry pieces. This particular Armenian we Coat of Arms Pendant is extremely popular worldwide and very much close to the heart of each Armenian citizen. Here, you can notice the presence of a lion and an eagle supported by a shield at the center. Both eagle and lion represent courage, power, and wisdom. As you can see, the detailing in this pendant is significantly visible and your vicinity is bound to notice it. You can save this pendant for a special occasion and match it with your casuals for an ideal look.

    Armenian we Coat of Arms Pendant
  • Solid Gold Hathor Egyptian Goddess Pendant Necklace

    This solid gold Egyptian goddess necklace comes with a timeless design with a religious flavor. The pendant depicts the ancient Egyptian goddess of sky Hathor. The highly polished surface brings a magnificent shine to the jewelry piece and makes it a great choice for day-to-day usage. Though you can stack this pendant with your other necklaces, however, we would advise you to wear it alone for a simple yet classy look.The pendant comes with yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold color variants.

    Egyptian goddess necklace
  • Khachkar Eternity Armenian Cross Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

    For all those who are searching for a budget buy and incredible value, it is hard to skip this glorious Khachkar Eternity Armenian Cross Pendant Necklace. The necklace is visually unique and features an Armenian apostolic cross with the eternity symbol at the center. This necklace is an excellent gift material and the added durability would ensure it lasts significantly longer.

    Khachkar Eternity Armenian Cross Pendant Necklace.


     At Takar jewelry, we are committed to help Armenia during this ongoing crisis period. Therefore, we have decided to donate the entire profit earned from the Armenian jewelry to the country in some form or another. Do visit our online jewelry store and grab some handy deals today.

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    What Is The Difference Between Antique and Vintage Jewelry?

    Understanding the difference between antique and vintage jewelry reminds us of the timeline changes from earlier centuries till now. The jewelry evolved as a precise embellishment ornament and its popularity among women from all cultures. Both the jewelry design terms are unique and cover the huge limelight of jewelry designing creativity. There are some people who only prefer the ‘antique’ designs or the ‘vintage’ artifacts. 

    To understand in simpler terms, it is necessary to know the meaning of the words. The term ‘antique’ is to describe an object which is valuable for ages and has certain qualities that makes it antique.

    Similarly, the ‘vintage’ designs were prominent for their quality and style and the technical specification varies from various products. The best example of a vintage object is the wine which is made from grapes and kept in preservation to give the best taste. 

    In the jewelry industry, the major thing to check is to identify when the piece of jewelry was made and in which fashion instinct. Rather, this helps in eliminating confusion with the modern designs as the jeweler might use poor quality raw materials to make the piece and it is also out of the authentic techniques and materials. 

    Let us understand the trade definitions of both the jewelry types:


    In the jewelry trade, the term ‘vintage’ describes a piece of jewelry art made that is 50 to 100 years old. So in writing, this vintage jewelry must have been constructed between 1920 and 1970. During the Retro Modern Era (1945-1960), there were other different eras of vintage jewelry. These Jewelry prominently became Hollywood-inspired with a fusion of colorful, flamboyant, and bold designs of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and charm bracelets. Later, Gold became a choice because of its abundant availability in the jewelry industry at the time of World War II.
    Fashion runs cyclically, vintage jewelry will always remain on-trend and it incorporates style, designs and can be a real showstopper jewelry collection. 

    vintage sterling silver jewelry


    Antique Jewelry is a piece that is over 100 years old. Antique jewelry is a rare piece and has a lot of historical association. The antique piece is characterized by decades. Firstly, the Georgian Era (1714-1837) has pieces which are handmade. This jewelry was often used before the Industrial Revolution and very few pieces have survived so far. Georgian Jewelry is rare and detailed, made of precious crystal stones. Later, the Victorian Era appeared and in the early times, the jewelry was nature-inspired designs in the silver or gold metals. During the Victorian Era, Lockets and brooches became popular along with gemstones and diamonds. In the middle of the Victorian Era, the colorful collection was converted into dark and pastel colors. Finally, in the Late Victorian Era (1885-1990), the jewelry was made of star and crescent designs with flowers and the shade of springs. 

    Then, came the Arts & Crafts Era with a simplified and handmade jewelry trend that was against the styles developed by machines because of the Industrial Revolution. 


    In either way, the vintage sterling silver jewelry collection is unique and versatile in its existence. While you pick vintage or antique pieces of jewelry, you tend to get the pieces of jewelry accessories that are quite old, around 50 - 100 years old. We hope this read helps you to understand the difference between antique and vintage jewelry pieces. 

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    3 Most Popular Winter Jewelry Pieces in 2021

    The winter is coming, and it’s the right time to start shortlisting your attire and other fashion accessories for an enhanced vogue. You can either go with your tried and tested fashion formula or start experimenting with something which is completely new for you. However, it is the combination of both that works for the most on almost all occasions.

    Jewelry plays a significant part in our day-to-day adornment. Adding some gorgeous-looking jewelry pieces into your fashion accessories would certainly have a positive impact on your overall fashion aesthetics. Embracing trending jewelry pieces into your lifestyle will showcase you as a fashion-forward individual and people surrounding you will start noticing it.

    Here, this write-up would help you to know three different winter jewelry trends of 2021. So, let’s explore them one by one.

    Dainty Genuine Princess Cut Peridot and Diamond Stackable Ring In Solid Gold

     Yellow gold stackable rings have been in trend for the last few years and this year is no exception. This particular gold stackable ring comes with a princess cut peridot stone coupled with a couple of round-shaped diamonds. Such an amazing combination ensures a magnificent view to wearers’ fingers. Peridot has spiritual significance, and besides, from a fashion point of view, the stone looks brilliant.

     The slim and classy look of this ring would make it an ideal choice for day-to-day usage. Pair this ring with a leather jacket and jeans for the best possible look. This dainty ring is available in three different color options, such as yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Therefore, you have the flexibility to go with any of the three available options as you like

    Yellow gold stackable rings


    Solid Gold Hathor Egyptian Goddess Pendant Necklace

     Bring a sense of freshness into your lifestyle by adding a solid gold hathor pendant to your jewelry collection this upcoming winter season. As the name suggests, the pendant features an iconic idol of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor, which provides a vintage look to this religious pendant. She is also known as the goddess of the sky and is said to protect the wearer from all kinds of evil forces.

    As far as glamour is concerned, this particular necklace would offer a charismatic grace to your personality. By matching this pendant with your attire, you can also be a part of the ongoing trend of religious jewelry. The pendant portraying the unique artform will certainly be hard to ignore in your vicinity.

    Surprisingly, this Egyptian goddess necklace is extremely versatile as you can wear it on all occasions, irrespective of its nature. The necklace is available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold color options.

    hathor pendant

    Diamond Stud Earrings in Solid Gold

     Of late, the trend of white gold earrings for women has shown an unprecedented surge, which was never experienced earlier. These 14k white gold earrings come with a timeless design, which will remain fashionable for a long period to come. The 14k white gold is extremely durable and can sustain all kinds of stress on day-to-day usage. The sparkling diamond at the centerpiece complements these gold earrings bringing exquisite beauty and sophistication. Besides, you can’t go wrong by gifting these stunning earrings to your loved one on the eve of her birthday or your anniversary.

    The earrings come with as many as three different color options, like rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. 

    14k white gold earrings


     All these three elusive jewelry pieces will augment your styling in the upcoming winter. Adding them to your wardrobe completely makes sense. What is your stand on this particular topic and are you planning to buy some new jewelry pieces for the upcoming winter? Let us know in the comment section below.



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    4 Brilliant Bridal Jewelry Pieces

    A marriage is incomplete without wearing stunningly beautiful bridal jewelry. Being an ancient tradition, wearing jewelry carries both religious and ceremonial significance. Besides, it also acts as a symbolism of the status and wealth of the wearer.

    Jewelry often gets instant attention complementing the attire you wear. On a once in a lifetime occasion like a wedding, it is essential to be adorned with the best-in-class attires, and jewelry. Like every other individual out there, you will also like to be in your best form on a special day like marriage. And, today, to make your job easier, we will specifically talk about bridal jewelry in depth. 

    Here, in this article, we will introduce four beautiful bridal jewelry choices that you must consider for your upcoming marriage event.

  • Diamond Plate Statement Ring

  • Wearing this marvelous ring on your wedding day, you will feel confident enhancing your existing look. This classy
    Diamond cluster stunner ring features as many as 61 full cut round diamonds embellished on a round gold plate. The cumulative sparkles of all these round diamonds would certainly enlighten the vicinity. 

    The ring is available in three different color options: rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. 

        Diamond cluster stunner ring

  • Ankh Pendant/Necklace in Solid Gold

  • The ancient symbol of the ankh is widely believed as a symbol of protection. By wearing the golden ankh pendant bridal necklace, you can very well protect yourself from negative energy and evil forces. The necklace carries the symbol of the ankh with a triangle-shaped background. The pendant is attached to a rolo chain, which is durable and will offer a solid grip. Stack this necklace with other necklaces for a truly distinct look.

    You can either go with a 10k or 14k gold in rose gold, white gold, and traditional yellow gold color variants. 

                                                         golden ankh pendant

  • Solid Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

  • Most people these days tend to overlook earrings completely and focus mostly on rings and necklaces, and here lies the opportunity for you. By going with a gorgeous pair of earrings, you can offer a unique touch to your adornment.

    These 14k white gold earrings will add a touch of shimmer to your wedding attires, bringing immediate attention to you. A larger-than-life white diamond present at the center exudes enormous glisters and acts as the heart and soul of these earrings.  

    Adding this stunning pair of earrings to your wardrobe would definitely enhance your bridal look and contribute a lot of value, as you can wear them on a daily basis after the wedding as well. 

  • Wedding Ring for Men

  • n general, women get much more jewelry options to choose from in comparison to their male counterparts. So for all those men reading this write-up, we are recommending this classy and bold mens rose gold wedding band. The plain band comes with a hammered design frame which makes it a desirable choice for all occasions. 

    The simple yet sophisticated band has a hammered finish on every edge providing a symmetric view.

                                                        mens rose gold wedding band


    Wedding day is special for everyone, you are no exception, and therefore spending some extra money on your bridal jewelry sets is simply worth it. Which of the above-mentioned jewelry pieces impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section below. 

    For more such incredible bridal jewelry, visit Takar Jewelry today.


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    5 Most Popular Ancient Symbol Jewelry

    Ancient symbols have their own significance even in today’s civilization. You will find multiple symbols that are quite famous all around the globe. Carrying them every time in the form of jewelry certainly has a positive impact on your overall lifestyle.

    Upon observing these ancient symbols carefully, you will be surprised to find all of them, be it Egyptian, Greek, or any other civilizations that matter, are extraordinarily symmetric yet eye-catching.  

    This article will discuss five such jewelry options carrying ancient symbols, which can be a great choice for you in 2021.

  • Pentagram Pendant

  • Being the symbol of faith, the pentagram never fails to inspire you on the mental, spiritual, and emotional levels. The five points of the pentagram represent air, fire, earth, water, and spirit respectively.

    This pentagram jewelry features five sparkling cubic zirconia stones on each corner. The combination of solid gold and cubic zirconia forms an incredible pair, which will easily capture the attention of your vicinity. The rope-shaped circle provides a sense of freshness to the design aesthetics of this necklace. 

    The pentagram necklace is available in three different color options, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

    pentagram jewelry

    For those who are aspiring to carry the symbol of universal brotherhood, this pentagrams jewelry can be a perfect choice. The pendant features multiple religious symbols and delivers the message of harmony and peaceful coexistence. The pentagram necklace made in sterling silver is extremely durable and ideal for your daily use purpose.

    pentagrams jewelry
  • Solid Gold Ohm Ring with Double Rope Band

  • If you are looking for a jewelry piece featuring some ancient symbols having religious importance with a unique look and solid form factor, here is the deal for you. This ohm band would certainly address all your requirements with absolute ease.

    The symbol of ‘ohm’ is often regarded as one of the oldest holy symbols in ancient culture. Ohm is nothing but the sound of the universe and unifies whatever is present within it.

    Purely from a fashion point of view, this solid gold ohm ring looks incredible. The delicate double rope band brings a rare fusion of modern and traditional art forms. The symbol of ohm itself looks quite bold and by wearing this ring, you can improve your existing sense of fashion.

    The ohm band comes with three metal options: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

    ohm ring
  • Dainty Caduceus Medical Symbol Charm Pendant Necklace in Solid Gold

  • If you are willing to showcase your support to doctors in this pandemic period, consider wearing this caduceus pendant necklace. By adding this contemporary-looking
    medical caduceus jewelry featuring the caduceus staff of Hermes, you can show your gratitude to the doctors’ community and celebrate their contribution to our society.

    You can match this necklace with traditional attire for the best possible look. The necklace is available in three different colors, such as white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

    medical caduceus jewelry
  • Gold Egyptian Cartouche Pendant Necklace
    This egyptian cartouche necklace is a fine piece of jewelry that would unquestionably improve your appetite for fashion. The rectangle-shaped Egyptian Cartouche Tablet necklace comes with multiple popular hieroglyphic images adding a touch of shimmer to your overall dressing sense.

    The trendy look coupled with spectacular visual uniqueness makes this necklace truly unique. This egyptian gold pendant necklace is available in 10k and 14k gold options with rose gold, white gold, and traditional yellow gold color variants.

    egyptian cartouche necklace


  • Ankh Key of Life Ring in Solid Gold
    You must have heard about ankh jewelry rings at least once. The symbol appears multiple times in the ancient Egyptian arts and is known as the symbol of life. Even in the contemporary world, ankh rings and necklaces are quite famous and universally acknowledged.

    The highly polished ring is the epitome of grace and elegance. Its highly polished interior will offer a soothing finish to your finger, without compromising your glamour quotient.

    This solid gold ankh key of life ring is available in three different metal options, such as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

    ankh jewelry rings

    Takar Jewelry offers some great ancient jewelry collections. Our handcrafted jewelry pieces are locally manufactured and we offer an array of options to choose from.


    Ancient jewelry brings a whole different charm altogether. By embracing a vintage jewelry piece depicting an ancient symbol, you very well enhance your existing fashion quotient. 

    Which of the ancient jewelry mentioned above impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.




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    Unique Jewelry For Women

    Unique Jewelry For Women

    Since the ancient era, jewelry has carried a lot of significance in women’s lifestyles. Whether it is a special occasion like a wedding, birthday party, a religious function, or simply day-to-day usage, ladies are quite particular about their jewelry choices. The right combination of outfits and jewelry not only offers an elegant look but also differentiates the wearer from the rest of the crowd. 

    You can find varieties of jewelry at your nearest marketplace; however, it is quite difficult to come across a piece of jewelry that you have never seen earlier. In fact, very few jewelry pieces are capable of offering you a distinct look. In such a scenario, choosing the right kind of jewelry becomes much more critical. So, here, in this write-up, you will get to know about four such unique jewelry styles that can add a Wow factor to your fashion sense. But, before rushing to the theme, let’s have a look at the importance of unique jewelry and how it can be a better choice in comparison to trending jewelry. 

    Unique Jewelry VS Trending Jewelry: A Never-Ending Battle

    As the name suggests, trending jewelry is a widely accepted form of jewelry, and a large chunk of the population is well-aware of the same. By opting for a trending jewelry piece, you will get an assurance on the quality and the designs are up to the mark, on most occasions. However, you need to understand that the term “trend” itself changes with time and trending jewelry is no exception. Today’s trending might be considered as old fashion in the coming future. As a result, you should go with a trending jewelry piece only if you have the financial ability to upgrade your jewelry collection after regular intervals of time.

    On the other hand, unlike trending jewelry, unique jewelry pieces are not widely available. As an exclusive section of society has the opportunity to access such type of jewelry, in most cases you will not find anyone in your circle wearing it. Therefore, your ornament will be easily highlighted in the crowd, and you will receive lots of praise for your choice. However, the best part about traditional jewelry is that it never gets outdated. Therefore, you don’t need to upgrade your jewelry to remain relevant with the latest fashion trends in the market. 

    As you might have got a fair idea about the advantages of a unique piece of jewelry, let’s have a look at our top 4 picks. 

  • Solid Gold Pentagram Pendant

  • This gold pentagram necklace comes in a symbolic pentagram shape that offers a unique look with a profound meaning. Like every pentagram, it has five points, with each point having its own significance. They represent air, fire, earth, water, and spirit, respectively. The necklace is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you can literally carry it anywhere. Besides, you have the option to choose between rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold according to your preference.

    gold pentagram necklace
  • M Initial Dog Tag Necklace/Pendant in Sterling Silver

  • Those having an inclination towards simple and classic designs can have a look at this dog tag initial M pendant necklace. If you are planning to surprise your lady with a personalized gift, this necklace is made for you. You can also customize the initial as per your requirements. 

    Without wasting any time, you can buy this necklace from the Takar Jewelry website at a reasonable price point. 

                          M initial Dog Tag Necklace                            

  • Dainty Honeycomb CZ Statement Rope Ring

  • This hexagon-shaped tiny rope ring can complement any attire. The rose gold rope ring comes with an eye-catching design and contains seven Cubic Zirconia gemstones. Its small form factor, excellent layout, and minute details make this handmade ring a must buy.


    rose gold rope ring
  • Initial "A" Gold Medallion Pendant Necklace

  • The initial A pendant can be a unique gift for oneself and is also suitable to be given to others on a variety of occasions. The letter is engraved in the gold plate in such a manner that it becomes the centre of attraction even in a crowded party. Besides, it’s excellent pricing will push you even harder to buy this product. 
                                                       Initial A Gold Medallion Pendant Necklace

     Wrapping it off

    Every lady is special, and they deserve something special. Hence, you can consider gifting her one of these gorgeous jewelry pieces on her upcoming birthday or wedding anniversary. By choosing Takar Jewelry, you can take advantage of low costs, high quality, versatility, and uniqueness, along with highly creative designs and individual styles.

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    4 Inexpensive Yet Elegant Jewelry Gifts for Your Girlfriend

    Occasional gifting of something enticing to your loved one will strengthen the relationship over time. By presenting an alluring gift of her choice, you can showcase the importance she carries in your life.

    More than anything else, a gift has always been considered as an act of self-gratification, and at the end of the day, you will feel extremely proud of the initiative and effort you have made to bring a smile on her face.

     When Should You Present a Gift?

    For those who are still puzzled about choosing an ideal occasion, here is something you should check out. 

    You don’t need any specific day to present something special to her. Each passing day in a relationship has its own significance and deserves celebration. In fact, it is a surprise gift, which works far better than a predictable anniversary or birthday gift. A delicate surprise gift also leaves a long-lasting impact on her and always remains close to her heart.

     A gift is always a gift, irrespective of its nature, your lady is going to appreciate it every time. For her, it is your love and affection behind presenting the gift that matters the most. However, presenting something meaningful would certainly increase the utility of your gift, and she can take advantage of its benefits.

     Is Jewelry a Good Gift?

    With just a little research, you will come across a number of potential gift options, but nothing would satisfy women more than a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

    Over the years, popular jewelry pieces like bracelets, earrings, chains have been referred to as the perfect present to ladies out there, owing to the rare combination of practicality and the fashion quotient that it brings to the table.

    However, the high price tag of jewelry products seems to prevent a large number of potential buyers. It is not possible for an individual to go with the best-in-class jewelry option, paying a hefty amount, multiple times a year.

    Therefore, a significant chunk of the potential buyers prefers to compromise their preference and go with some less appealing gift materials.

    But to your surprise, Takar Jewelry  is offering several incredible jewelry options to gift your girlfriend without breaking your bank. So now, by paying a reasonable price, you can buy the jewelry of your choice without compromising the quality aspect.

    So, here are our top 4 budget jewelry choices that would satisfy the glamour quotient of literally anyone.

    Marquise-Shaped Genuine Ruby and White Topaz Engagement/Promise Ring in White Gold

    Bewitch your girlfriend by gifting this modern-looking white topaz engagement ring today. As its name suggests, you can present this personalized  white gold diamond promise ring at the beginning of your relationship as a symbol of a promise to stay together against every possible odds. 

    The Marquise-shaped genuine Ruby stone engraved at the center and a couple of round-shaped white Topaz at the two sides look brilliant. Pairing this unique promise ring with contemporary attire, she can include an additional layer of charm to her charismatic personality.

    The polished interior offers a great level of comfort and makes this ring a suitable option for everyday use.

    white gold diamond promise ring
    Oval Lab Created Ruby Gemstone Ring In Sterling Silver

    This blood red gemstone ring comes with a timeless design featuring an oval-shaped lab-created Ruby stone at the center and 2 white Topaz at the two lateral sides. The bold blood-red color of the stone attracts a lot of attention even in a crowded party and brings some well-crafted appreciation for her sense of fashion. 

    Ruby symbolizes purity, nobility, and passion. By wearing this ring on her ring finger, your girlfriend would inculcate some of these values into her personality. This lovely sterling silver ruby gemstone ring certainly deserves a place in her wardrobe.


    blood red gemstone ring 


    Claddagh Diamond & July Birthstone Heart Necklace in Solid Sterling Silver

    Spiritually, Ruby, the birthstone of July-born people, is considered a source of energy and fills the wearers’ body with positivity. The stone also features a lot of symbolic religious significance.

    The classic combination of this sparkling pendant and chain looks eye-pleasing. 

    This designer-inspired July Birthstone Heart Necklace comes with a heart-shaped Ruby stone coupled with as many as 12 twinkling diamonds. She can either combine this vibrant Claddagh Diamond Heart Necklace with other necklaces or prefer to wear it alone.

                                                      Claddagh Diamond Heart Necklace

    Butterfly Genuine Ruby & White Cubic Zirconia Winged Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

    Celebrate the best moments of your relationship by presenting this beautiful diamond butterfly pendant to your partner. The red and white marquise-shaped cubic zirconia wings emphasize her regular outfit making this sterling silver butterfly pendant, a desirable choice to wear on any occasion. The four cubic zirconia stones exude an enormous amount of brightness that would be hard for anyone to ignore. 

    Wearing this stunning necklace on the beach pairing with colorful attire would be a lot of fun.

                                                     diamond butterfly pendant                  


    Now it’s time for you to speak. Which of the budget jewelry products mentioned above did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

    To find more such wonderful jewelry options, check out Takar Jewelry today.




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    8 Best Gemstones Jewelry and Everything To Know About Gemstones

    Gemstones are the gift of nature, and from ancient civilizations, they have this old quest to embellish beauty and embrace the beauty of nature. 

    Getting a raw gemstone requires furnishing and polishing to know its value and importance. With time, man explored the field of Gemology in-depth and used fine craftsmanship to introduce some of the incredible creations.

    The famous art critic Charles Blanc stated in his work Art in Ornament and Dress, 1875

    "How much art and science, and what attention, what care is attention to render the sunbeams which are imprisoned in a tiny polyhedron of pure carbon, brilliant and sparkling!"

    These lines depict how art and science combine to form sparkling beauty like diamonds and gemstones.

    From prehistoric times, stone cutting and refinement have been part of life to create meaningful definitions.

    Firstly, when humans began chiseling in the cave walls for which blades were made sharper, the technique involves modern drilling, polishing, and tumbling for arts welfare.

    For your information, the art of gemology that includes cutting and polishing is called lapidary.  

    We hope the guide to gemstone makes you understand the processing of gemstones at various stages and how valuable it becomes when it comes to you. Thus, we at Takar Jewelry, have selected eight out of the best gemstone collection jewelry with significance to their properties. 

    Significance of Aquamarine

    Aquamarine is associated with peace and tranquility. These gemstones are purposely for spring stones. The sea blue crystal also represents the transformation to a new life. The crystal is eye-catching with the pure essence of hope and youthfulness. On our list, we have two Aquamarine jewelry for a dainty and luxury appearance. 

    Aquamarine is specially worn by people born in March and wearing aquamarine promotes creativity, hope, and self-expression from within to the wearer. 

    Rabbit Ear Pendant Necklace

    The diamond rabbit necklace comes with the enigmatic aquamarine gemstones embedded in the gold. The pendant is available in 10k or 14k rose, yellow, and white gold colors.


    rabbit ear pendant necklace

    Significance of Cubic Zirconia

    Cubic Zirconia that appears similar to diamonds is a clear gemstone. It promotes focus, and clarity in life. Also, this gemstone is low in cost and durable to wear.

     Eye of Horus Necklace

    This exotic piece of the Eye of Horus necklace features a solid silver plate surrounded by 30 CZ gemstones. The silver eye of the horus pendant has a silver sterling chain with a Rolo chain in a spring-ring manner.

    Eye of Horus Necklace

    Significance of Citrine

    Citrine is the orange color of a pretty gemstone with magnificent benefits. The gemstone induces positivity and provides psychic growth to improvise clarity and self-confidence to the wearer.

    Citrine Birthstone Rings

    Citrine birthstone rings are perfect to mix with classy and fashion-forward statements. Theunique V shape of the rope band brings a different and charismatic look to the wearer.

    Citrine Birthstone Rings

    Significance of Sapphire

    Sapphire is the gemstone of royalty and associated with abundance, blessing, and intuitiveness. The stone removes the negativity around you and restores calmness in your mind, body, and soul.

    Princess Cut Pink Sapphire Ring

    The pink sapphire princess cut ring is a unique creation of craftsmanship. The ring has six beautiful princess cut sapphires connected with full-cut diamonds that appear magnificent. The princess cut pink sapphire ring is stacked made of gold bars embedded with diamonds. The ring is available in 10k or 14k yellow, rose, and white gold colors.

    Pink Sapphire Princess Cut Ring

    Significance of Ruby

    The ruby is a royal stone specially used in the landed gentry families with the belief of health, wealth, and wisdom. The color of the stone also symbolizes the love bond and represents nobility, purity, and passion.

    Ruby Birthstone Ring

    With the mark of clarity and purity, the ruby birthstone ring is a lovely heart-shaped ring for her. It portrays a stylish and contemporary look. The band has a smooth and polished finish ensuring good comfort to the wearer.

    Ruby Gemstone Birthstone Ring

    Significance of Emerald

    The emerald gemstone is considered as the stone of mercury which is symbolic to bless with the power of communication and wealth in life. It promotes economic growth and maintains a balance in all spheres of life.

    Emerald and Diamond Ring

    The emerald and diamond ring is beautifully designed with exuberant color. On either side of the emerald diamond ring, it contains 8 round-shaped diamonds. The exuberant color options are from various types of gemstones.

    With all these options, we believe you would be able to decide which one to pick. As the good gemstones help to get great jewelry quality and if you want to explore more such jewelry collections then, visit our jewelry site


    Emerald and Diamond Ring

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    Gold, Diamond and Sterling Silver Initial Jewelry for Your Daughter’s Birthday

    For ages, people have tried to express their perspectives through jewelry designs. Personalized initial necklaces are currently considered as the favorites for fashion maniacs, and also these pieces of jewelry are one of the stylish,  creative, and convenient ways to use monograms. It's a bit difficult to find the origin of using monograms to embellish jewelry, but some jewelry enthusiasts believe that it might be a trend back in the 14th or 15th century. 

    Today we see this revival trend decoratively, but back in Roman culture engraving hands, coins, jewelry with the ruler's initials, and monogramming was an integral part of their identification.  Also in Greek civilization archaeologists have found the same kind of coins, with the ruler's initial, which helped the historians depict that era. 

    The word "monogram" is derived from the Greek dictionary; "mono" means solo and "gram" means letters. Earlier these monograms consisted of two letters, but in the Victorian era, the traditional monogram was made of three letters. Then eventually with change and adaptations, people started engraving these monogram signs on the body adornments and that's how we got the trend of personalization or customization. No matter if it's a birthday, anniversary, proposal, marriage, or even a date, personalized jewelry will leave a huge impact on the wearer. Even now you have the option to choose your favorite style, fonts, color, metals, gems, texts, numbers, calligraphy, or even abstract art. 

    The basic form of personalizing jewelry lies in engraving your name's initial. This is not just a name or just a part of identity; it's a proud proclamation to be yourself, it's a tribute to your parents who gave you the name and the power to live on. This personalized jewelry is a way to blend your identity with your daily attire and also it is a very productive way to brand yourself. 

    Top Hollywood A-listed celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Marica Cross have also been seen using initial jewelry, as a part of their daily style statement. That makes it pretty for all of us that gifting or buying initial jewelry can bring twists and turns in your regular jewelry boxes. That is the reason we thought this 2021, let's make this initial jewelry a part of all the birthday gifts. 

    Frankly speaking, today's young generation is obsessed with initial pendants and necklaces. Their confidence level raises when they adorn their bodies with their initials.  In case of your daughter's birthday you can gift her an initial pendant to express the way you feel for her, or maybe to make her realize how important she is for you. But your message should be hidden in the form of design, style, choosing metals, gems, or even fonts. Also, you can change your styles like if your daughter is a spiritual person you can go customized pendants with initials and divine motifs like hamsa hand, cross, or maybe an Angel Wing. 

    In Takar Jewelry we have sorted out some of the beautiful, stylish, and modern initial jewelry, from our assorted collection, which you can use to mesmerize your daughter on her special day. 

    Z Necklace

    The z necklace obviously identifies the last alphabet of the whole series. This cursive initial necklace is for people whose name starts with the “Z” alphabet. This z initial necklace talks about goal-oriented people who have great leadership qualities. People whose name starts with Z tend to take practical decisions in life, more than EQ they get carried away with their IQ. This z pendant necklace is available in all  three colors i.e. white, yellow, and rose gold.

    z necklace

    14k Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

    The characteristics of people, whose names start with a “C” are creative, confident, and courageous. They attract people with their optimistic takes about life, also they are social enthusiasts. This 14k gold initial pendant necklace is explicating immense amounts of spark. This diamond letter c necklace is also engraved with round cut white diamonds, and available in white, yellow, and rose gold.

    14k Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

    Personalized Initial Stud Earrings 

    These lovely personalized initial stud earrings if your daughter's name starts with M. These initial diamond stud earrings feature the letter made with 10k gold and engraved with several round cut diamonds. People whose names start with the letter “M” are very hardworking, loyal, security-conscious, also they are always focused on life. 

    Personalized Initial Stud Earrings

    S Initial Pendant Necklace

    This s initial pendant necklace features the shape of the initial “S '', that is embedded with beaming round cut cubic zirconias. People whose names start with S are very lovable and loyal, but they hesitate when it comes to expressing their feelings. They are pretty sympathetic by nature and extremely charming. This white gold initial necklace is also available in yellow and rose gold.

    S Initial Pendant Necklace

    Initial N Dog Tag Pendant

    You can opt for this divine initial N Dog Tag Pendant if your daughter is fashionable and always tries to establish a connection with unique jewelry pieces, this can

    Initial N Dog Tag Pendant

    be an ideal gift for her. This N initial pendant features the letter engraved in the middle of this sterling silver pendant. People whose name starts with N, have a knack for writing, also, they always like to make their image different from others. 


    Letter A Initial Pendant 

    This letter A initial pendant features the letter A that is embedded with brilliant cubic zirconia stones, and it also comes with a dainty solid gold chain. People whose name starts with the letter A are entrepreneurial, adventurous and love to look bold. This letter A initial pendant is available in white, yellow, and rose gold. 

    A Initial Pendant

    If you are looking for any other initial pendants we have a versatile range of collections for all the alphabets from our assorted initial collection from our online store at Takar Jewelry.

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