5 Trendy Jewelry for Everyday Wear

Jewelry, in general, has been deeply influenced by celebs for a really long time. During the days of limited media options, it was mostly the A-listers, royals, and political figures who used to be viewed as fashion inspirations for millions of their followers all around the globe. However, with increasing digital scope, and the evolution of various popular social platforms, now a fashion-conscious individual has plenty of relevant options to follow. So, keeping track of the trend is not as easy as earlier. 

Among the plethora of options available in 2022, if you are willing to rationalize, I would strongly recommend keeping an eye on the ongoing red carpet events and taking inspiration from them. 

But, again, there exist hundreds of movie premiers every year, and an insane number of award functions like Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, etc. There is no way to integrate everything in one’s fashion, and following these events demands a significant amount of time on an everyday basis, which is not possible for an average buyer like you and me. 

So, here in this write-up, we are going to cover the top 5 brilliant gold fashion jewelry that you can consider integrating into your everyday fashion in 2022. 

5 Jewelry Trends to Follow in 2022

After discussing with several industry experts, finally, I made this list of the top five jewelry trends. Here are my top five jewelry picks for your consideration.

A Gemstone Ring

If you are someone who embraces an over-the-top, and flamboyant look, a gemstone ornament is an excellent choice to go with. The colorful stone will certainly add an additional layer to your fashion, enabling you to stand a step ahead of your surroundings. 

The uniqueness, freshness, and symbolism linked with a sapphire or other gemstone ring are attracting a lot of youths of late. Besides, the appearance of multiple influencers and Hollywood celebrities wearing stunning gemstone pendants has intensified the trend even further.

No doubt, the spiritual significance linked with the gemstones has played a crucial part in their growing popularity among the masses.


Honeycomb Statement Pendant

As the name suggests, a honeycomb pendant retains the honeycomb pattern, which looks incredible, to say the least. Its uncomplicated, classy look will catch a lot of eyeballs and you can rightly expect a few well-crafted appreciations for your unique taste in fashion. 

In your everyday life, you can wear this honeycomb pendant alone or stack it with your existing necklace and pendants.

You can very well include a trendy honeycomb pendant in your jewelry collection and truly embrace an enriched fashion.

Diamond Earrings 

When it comes to everyday fashion, earrings are greatly underrated yet mighty effective in elevating your overall look. You will find a great number of people putting excessive emphasis on adornments like necklaces or rings, and neglecting their earrings. As a fashion-forward individual, you need to take advantage of it, and build your fashion around your earrings.

Including a contemporary-looking diamond earrings pair to your wardrobe, you can very well ensure an outstanding look with minimal effort.

Solid Gold Rolo Chain

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” by Coco Chanel, the world-famous French fashion designer.

The famous saying remains relevant in today’s day and age. A simple rolo gold chain is an ideal choice for your everyday usage. The sheer comfort offered by a rolo chain is something that most people look for. Besides, the chain is going to provide your neck with a classy look that would differentiate you from your surroundings.

Yellow Gold Bracelet

Bracelets are in no way targeted towards the gen-z specifically. You notice a wide-scale use of stunning gold bracelets in the 6os and 70s movies. However, with time, the adornment saw a drastic fall in terms of its popularity. But, with the transition of the jewelry industry into the online domain, the trend around gold bracelets is intensifying at a rapid pace.

To showcase your unique taste in fashion, you must take the initiative and beautify your wrist by wearing a contemporary-looking gold bracelet. Certainly, a yellow gold bracelet will take your glamour to a whole different level.


And, that’s it for today!

By now, I expect you to develop some kind of clarity on this topic. For everyday use, you need to combine the fashion potential and comfort equally and make your decision accordingly. 

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Grab Pocket-Friendly Valentine Day Jewelry Gifts for The Best Romantic Rendezvous

Valentine’s Day is all about love, sweet treats like chocolate, and beautiful boxes with bows on top that can only mean one thing — jewelry. Moreover, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Anything sparkly that hangs on a chain or dangles from a wrist or ear from the heart is considered valuable.

No big budget, no worries. There’s Good news - Valentine's Day Sale 10% Off by using code "LOVE10". There’s more! Also, Enjoy free shipping worldwide with Lifetime Warranty! What are you waiting for? Take a look for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more - all made to make your loved one feel special on Valentine’s Day and grab the best offer!

Leo Birthstone Necklace/ Pendant in Solid Gold

Leo Birthstone Necklace/ Pendant in Solid Gold

This minimalist necklace will make you fall in love with it! The lion signifies power and exuberance. Moreover, a natural-born leader, loyal, outspoken, and loves to be the center of attraction. Also, Leo birthstone necklace signifies creativity and strength of purpose that makes you goal-oriented, which indicates endless enthusiasm and zest for life. Besides, for Valentine’s Day, jewelry is the perfect gift. Packaged in a stunning suede pouch ensures a smile on your loved one’s face. 

Allah Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

Allah pendant

The Arabic word “Allah” means the Only Almighty God in the Islamic faith. Wear the symbol of Allah's sterling silver chain close to your heart to express love. Moreover, ornaments like the Allah sterling silver Necklace and pendants have become a fascinating alternative. Thereafter, experiment with something unorthodox. Also with an Allah pendant, your adornment will look even more stylish. Moreover, it will catch the attention of your vicinity and inspire people with your unique and effective choice of jewelry.

Ankh Pendant/Necklace in Solid Gold

Ankh Pendant/Necklace in Solid Gold

Believed as a symbol of protection. Yet, by wearing the golden ankh pendant bridal necklace, you can protect yourself from negative energy and evil forces. Moreover, it carries the symbol of the ankh with a triangle-shaped background. Attached to a chain, it is durable and offers a solid grip. However, select either a 10k or 14k gold in rose gold, white gold, and traditional yellow gold color variants.

Additionally, you can also go for gold ankh rings. Yet, the Ankh cross appears as an amulet of Egyptian deities, making it the symbol of life. Also, you can check out our beautiful, dainty, high polish rings. Thereafter, referred to as the key of life or the key of the Nile, the Ankh life ring represents eternal life in Ancient Egypt. Thereafter, this beautiful ankh cross is the perfect jewelry for your daily outfit.

What do People ask?

What is the Best Valentine Day gift for my Lady Love?

Gift her beautiful Valentine's Day flower bouquets, delicious candy, pretty jewelry, sweet-smelling perfume to make it very special. Moreover, these are some of the thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts she'll actually love.

What to get someone who loves jewelry?

  • Long Necklace
  • Cuffed Bracelet
  • Self-made Project
  • Something historical
  • Personalized gift
  • Stunning and alluring
  • Color Pops

Is it okay to give jewelry as a Valentine Day gift?

Jewelry gifts are considered sentimental. Also, a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. However, initially, it's good to give jewelry as a gift for a birthday, holiday, or for a school-related special occasion like a prom or graduation. 

Are earrings a good gift?

Earrings are excellent gifts for every occasion. Moreover, they make a great gift for a newly blossoming relationship, as it represents love and loyalty.

How do I spoil my GF on Valentine's Day?

  • Outdoor Venture.
  • A by-gone era date
  • Glass with a drink.
  • Show or event which she likes.
  • Attend class together.
  • Glamor nights.
  • Out town retreat.
  • Go down memory lane.

Should I confess to my crush on Valentine?

The best opportunity to express love is Valentine's Day. Also, it’s important to be cheerful and confess honestly.

Is jewelry a good Valentine's gift?

Jewelry is a perfect gift. Also, all women love to unwrap a sparkly trinket as a token of affection for the most romantic day of the year.


Your sincere efforts will pay off.  She will fall in love all over again. Moreover, for this special day, go back in time, prove to her that you are still romantic. Celebrate the beautiful bond with her with love. However, simple and good jewelry will do the trick. Gift her the best jewelry and woo her with your charming side for a perfect date. 

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Ace Up Your Style with Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are danglers in a circular shape. They come in different sizes. Hoop earrings are the perfect ones. They will get the strand out of your face and draw focus to the features and your hoops, literally! 

Hoop earrings

A woman’s best friend is her hoop earrings! They are essential. A true companion, which is a perfect fit for every attire. Moreover, perfect for every occasion, hoops are available in various designs, colors, and sizes. Smaller singular hoop earrings have a very easy-going vibe, and as they get bigger, it adds more glam to the look. However, hoops are not just available in huge sizes, and they don’t necessarily have to reach your shoulders. They will make you feel comfortable and add a dash of style to what you’re wearing.

An all-in-one accessory, and perfect for all your looks. Holy Grail pointers to keep in mind. Smaller hoops are more private and professional. The bigger hoops positively grabs attention during an appearance. Moreover, celebrities across the globe are welcoming the trend and using creativity to up their style quotient. However, presenting some of the favorite hoops  that are slaying it on the trend will give you some major Hoop Queen goals. But how to select the right pair? Read on to find more.

  • Diamond Hoop Huggie Earrings    
  • diamond hoop huggie earrings

    Hoops work effortlessly with most outfits and they literally rock. Next time you need to class-up a casual outfit, simply slip on a pair of medium-sized diamond hoop huggie earrings and call it a day. However, a night out with friends or a date begs for an outlandish outfit and eye-popping jewelry. Also, wear your best strapless dress and accentuate it with some big diamond hoop earrings. 

  • Diamond Cross Hoop Huggie Earrings In Solid Gold
  • Diamond Cross Hoop Huggie Earrings In Solid Gold

    Hoops highlight the jaw and cheekbones. Also, they define your facial features and have the ability to perfectly frame your face and draw attention to it without being over the top. However, the best way to show off your style would be to pair big hoops with a button-down shirt and ripped jeans.

  • Dainty Mini Rainbow Colorful Hoop Huggie Earrings In Solid Gold
  • rainbow colorful hoop huggie earrings

    When it comes to a semi-formal event, playing around with your accessories for a semi-formal event can make you stand apart. However, a pair of medium-length multi-gemstone hoops added to your dress will make people sit up and take note. Moreover, with  rainbow colorful hoop huggie earrings tie your tresses up in a tight top bun for a stunning look. This will get the strands out of your face and draw focus to the features and your hoops, literally! 

    Size Matters - Different-sized hoop earrings will reveal what’s perfect for you.

    Mini 20 mm Little Hoops

    Small hoops or huggie hoops are perfect everyday wear having a subtle and elegant look. They are eye-catchy, especially diamond-studded ones. However, this fashion jewelry gels beautifully with the most face-shaped. A good choice for those who keep their long hair down. Moreover, tiny hoops help in creating a unique silhouette amongst flowing locks.

    The 20 to 50 mm Medium Hoops

    Love for gold or silver hoop earrings call for medium-sized ones. They have a highly versatile outlook. Bobbed hair or graduation cut hairstyles don’t matter. Moreover, medium hoops gel with all hairstyles.

    The 50 mm Larger Ones

    Large hoops have distinctively bold attributes and are loved by fashion aficionados. However, for any special occasion, a pair of large hoop earrings are simply perfect.


    It suits all face shapes. If you have a more elongated, wide, or angular face shape, large hoops will flatter brilliantly. However, as for hairstyles that support large hoops, they are the best with chic updos and hairstyles that keep hair away from the face.

    Hoop earrings flatter all face shapes and pair perfectly with casual as well as formal attires. However, if you are planning to change your look with just a single piece of jewelry, you can rely on medium hoop earrings for sure. Moreover, in a one-liner, the hairstyles that allow the hoops to drag full focus upon the earlobes, are perfect for large hoops. Check out our wide variety of designs in hoops to choose from. Don’t miss to browse the entire collection!

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    Dainty Bridal Necklaces of the Modern Era

    Talk of bridal necklaces, would definitely raise the temperature of the heart of a bride. This article takes deep insights into how today's brides are boldly experimenting with contemporary looks blended with traditional aesthetics. 

    bridal necklaces

    The wedding season is just around the corner! It’s time to go shopping. For the bride it’s a jigsaw puzzle – where do I go bridal jewelry shopping? With a plethora of wide dangling options available, it comes down to quick decision-making. Actually, the shopping will leave you so mesmerized that you’ll end up using the dangling piece just once.

    Gemstones, diamonds, precious metals, and gold are a bride’s best buddies. It’s the necklace that adds glamour to her looks. So, to look the best, we have shortlisted a range of necklaces that are sure to enhance the bridal beauty to the hilt. Moreover, today’s brides are both experimental and culturally ridden, the array on offer is sure to impress her. Have a peek at these extremely gorgeous necklaces. But, beware, these aren’t just for the bride. These are sure to impress every woman.

    Solitaire Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

    Solitaire Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

    Sparkling at the core of this fascinating jewel is a set of spellbinding sterling silver – deep as the sea, unique and beautiful as a real treasure. However,  bridal necklaces explain the essence. The great sense of freedom, courage and the intriguing lifestyle of the pirates revolves around the design pattern of the necklace - emeralds and geometric frames of diamonds embrace sapphires, whilst bold volumes, voluptuous gems, and compact shapes latch on together for an indomitable wearable piece.

    Solitaire Pendant Necklace in Gold

    Solitaire Pendant Necklace in Gold

    The most desired one. Encased in elegance and luxury, it exudes sheer royalty. The website spells out its brilliant features. Moreover, the necklace-set with pear diamond, baguette diamonds, and rock crystal, paved with diamonds, in white gold available in large, medium, and small sizes. Also known for its bold, freestyle, Takar Jewelry has captured every woman's heart through creativity set in characterful stones. 

    Solitaire Asscher-Cut CZ Pendant Necklace in Gold 

    Solitaire Asscher-Cut CZ Pendant Necklace in Gold

    Gold is a symbol of purity, opulence, class, and prosperity. The fascination for gold during weddings is forever. However, this stunning Asscher-Cut CZ pendant necklace in gold is a classic example that transcends trends. Featuring a dainty, the diamonds are meant to be worn ‘my’ way. Besides this, it’s perfect for layering, the sparkle gels well with other chains. Perfect for a wedding or anniversary present – it’s simply adorable! Dainty and majestically beautiful.

    The Art of Buying Bridal Necklace

    If a bridal necklace fascinates you, and you’re keen to wear one, which doesn’t vie for attention with the neckline of your dress, and at the same time you don’t want your carefully chosen necklace to get lost, then it’s time for a balanced feel. Yes, the shape of the neckline does play a significant role, however, what’s more important is the feel and look of the fabric.

    Take note – if by any chance, your neckline is embellished, whether with sequins, beading, or lace, it’s always better to choose a smaller chain. The necklace shouldn’t rest on the fabric. It should neither clash with the sparkle nor with the pattern of the lace. There is a catch point – if by any chance you’re wearing a high neck embellished wedding dress, then it isn’t the correct option to choose. Here, it’s better to choose a statement style in the same metallic as the beading. Also, you can go for  a similar shape to the lace pattern. Here it can be floral or geometric. So that it stands out, while still feeling like part of an elegant look.


    Gold jewelry engraving is an art and we are adept at making custom engraved jewelry. Besides this, also available are different kinds of options to engrave on a gold ring for wedding or engagement like fingerprint engraving, name engraving, etc. Moreover, we also engrave photos or names on a gold coin. Additionally, we have expertise in fingerprint engraving on the engagement ring or name on a wedding ring.

    Unique customized jewelry from us will hold a special place in your loved one’s life. However, simply add your name, or suggest changes to the design. Besides this, you can also add on diamonds or gemstones. Touch base for customizing.


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    New Age Christmas Jewelry

    Yes, it is the merry-go season coming up, and all around is the festival vibes which give you a reminder to celebrate small moments in life and spend quality time with family. Christmas is the season of chocolates, sweets, and lots of love. Celebrate the birthday of Jesus and spread more and more love to everyone. Have you ever planned to throw a Christmas party at your home or are you planning to go to one of them? Then, you need to decide what accessories you can dazzle up to make yourself adorned. So, to have a more creative quotient we introduce the dazzle-up honeycomb, zodiac sign, and initial letter pendants jewelry that is specially designed to accentuate your look and give you a variety of options as well.

    A) Honeycomb Jewelry

  • Honeycomb Diamond Necklace
  • Garnish your style essence with the Hexagon Necklace having a connecting center that links everything together towards the center. The honeycomb pattern evokes through the seven remarkable diamonds studded giving an opulent look to the pendant.  The honeycomb pendant has a unique reflection that recaptures the summer days with youthening and charm. And by the new trending jewelry style, it leaves its mark in modern jewelry creativity. The charming honeycomb diamond necklace is available in three color variants of rose, white, and yellow gold. 

    honeycomb diamond necklace
  • Honeycomb Statement Band
  • Just the Sweet Honey aura with the honeycomb real statement piece showing the Queen Bee pattern. The set design is soft and curvy on its surface, and you can add it easily with any outfit. The Queen Bee pattern makes power and authority over the kingdom and this reflects the confidence in the real sense. The honeycomb statement band is available in three color variants of rose, white, and yellow gold. 

    honeycomb statement band
  • Honeycomb Statement band in Gold
  • The epitome of creativity is truly reflected in the honeycomb link ring or you can sit the hexagonal link ring which is carefully designed to accentuate the glossy finish which is accumulated in impressive solid gold. And, the Honeycomb of Bee represents the heart chakra and balancing it brings happiness and joyfulness in life. The honeycomb statement band in gold is available in three color variants of rose, white, and yellow gold. 

    honeycomb statement band in gold

    B) Cursive Initial Necklace

    Initial Letter Pendants are immensely popular because of their intense personalized touch. One can also go for a personalized name necklace according to their preferences. Hence, you must widely check on our latest initial letter products.

    Cursive Initial Necklace

    Cursive Initial Necklace

    A personalized cursive initial necklace with the letter of choice into a cursive style and has the option of choosing the color in between rose, white, and yellow gold. This option will be an evergreen option for jewelry styling. 

    C) Zodiac Sign Jewelry

    Cancer Zodiac Sign Necklace

    The cancer zodiac sign necklace is made with love and it is suitable for July-born babies. According to western astrology, there are around 12 zodiac signs consisting of different types of behavior and personality traits. 

    cancer zodiac sign necklace

    Thus, the above options of christmas jewelry will be the best yearly investment on the occasion of Christmas. With this jewelry, you can shine and dazzle all day. Let us know what your picks are for this Christmas. 

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    Three Vintage Jewelry That are Still Relevant in 2021

    With so many jewelry options out there in the market, it is certainly a tiring job to select the one that suits you the best. If you think exploring the tips and tricks blog posts on how to buy jewelry would land you on your dream ornament, you need to change your approach as early as possible. In fact, these blog posts are only going to confuse you and at the end of the day, they will affect your decision-making for sure.

    Instead, what we would recommend is to know your requirements very well. You need to ask yourself questions like what exactly you need and why you need it? Once you get a reasonable answer, it’s time to brainstorm. Without taking the help of the internet, you have to imagine the jewelry piece and of course, while doing so, you can take inspiration from your surroundings. In such a way, you will be able to get a clear picture of your requirements escaping the traps spread by different online jewelry stores.

    If you figure out vintage-looking jewelry is something that you are looking for, we have three brilliant-looking jewelry recommendations that you must consider in 2021 before proceeding further. Before letting you know our suggestions, here is a short note of the advantages of vintage jewelry. 

    Advantages of Vintage Jewelry

    You can expect the following advantages by wearing vintage jewelry pieces:

    1. They provide a retro look that would catch a lot of attention.
    2. Vintage jewelry pieces are unique.
    3. The design aesthetics of vintage jewelry is overwhelmingly good.
    4. They don’t become outdated.
    5. They give you the flexibility to experiment.

    Three Vintage Jewelry for 2021

  • Armenian National Coat of Arms Pendant Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold
  • Along with a few other things, Armenia is also known for making brilliant jewelry pieces. This particular Armenian we Coat of Arms Pendant is extremely popular worldwide and very much close to the heart of each Armenian citizen. Here, you can notice the presence of a lion and an eagle supported by a shield at the center. Both eagle and lion represent courage, power, and wisdom. As you can see, the detailing in this pendant is significantly visible and your vicinity is bound to notice it. You can save this pendant for a special occasion and match it with your casuals for an ideal look.

    Armenian we Coat of Arms Pendant
  • Solid Gold Hathor Egyptian Goddess Pendant Necklace

    This solid gold Egyptian goddess necklace comes with a timeless design with a religious flavor. The pendant depicts the ancient Egyptian goddess of sky Hathor. The highly polished surface brings a magnificent shine to the jewelry piece and makes it a great choice for day-to-day usage. Though you can stack this pendant with your other necklaces, however, we would advise you to wear it alone for a simple yet classy look.The pendant comes with yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold color variants.

    Egyptian goddess necklace
  • Khachkar Eternity Armenian Cross Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

    For all those who are searching for a budget buy and incredible value, it is hard to skip this glorious Khachkar Eternity Armenian Cross Pendant Necklace. The necklace is visually unique and features an Armenian apostolic cross with the eternity symbol at the center. This necklace is an excellent gift material and the added durability would ensure it lasts significantly longer.

    Khachkar Eternity Armenian Cross Pendant Necklace.


     At Takar jewelry, we are committed to help Armenia during this ongoing crisis period. Therefore, we have decided to donate the entire profit earned from the Armenian jewelry to the country in some form or another. Do visit our online jewelry store and grab some handy deals today.

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    What Is The Difference Between Antique and Vintage Jewelry?

    Understanding the difference between antique and vintage jewelry reminds us of the timeline changes from earlier centuries till now. The jewelry evolved as a precise embellishment ornament and its popularity among women from all cultures. Both the jewelry design terms are unique and cover the huge limelight of jewelry designing creativity. There are some people who only prefer the ‘antique’ designs or the ‘vintage’ artifacts. 

    To understand in simpler terms, it is necessary to know the meaning of the words. The term ‘antique’ is to describe an object which is valuable for ages and has certain qualities that makes it antique.

    Similarly, the ‘vintage’ designs were prominent for their quality and style and the technical specification varies from various products. The best example of a vintage object is the wine which is made from grapes and kept in preservation to give the best taste. 

    In the jewelry industry, the major thing to check is to identify when the piece of jewelry was made and in which fashion instinct. Rather, this helps in eliminating confusion with the modern designs as the jeweler might use poor quality raw materials to make the piece and it is also out of the authentic techniques and materials. 

    Let us understand the trade definitions of both the jewelry types:


    In the jewelry trade, the term ‘vintage’ describes a piece of jewelry art made that is 50 to 100 years old. So in writing, this vintage jewelry must have been constructed between 1920 and 1970. During the Retro Modern Era (1945-1960), there were other different eras of vintage jewelry. These Jewelry prominently became Hollywood-inspired with a fusion of colorful, flamboyant, and bold designs of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and charm bracelets. Later, Gold became a choice because of its abundant availability in the jewelry industry at the time of World War II.
    Fashion runs cyclically, vintage jewelry will always remain on-trend and it incorporates style, designs and can be a real showstopper jewelry collection. 

    vintage sterling silver jewelry


    Antique Jewelry is a piece that is over 100 years old. Antique jewelry is a rare piece and has a lot of historical association. The antique piece is characterized by decades. Firstly, the Georgian Era (1714-1837) has pieces which are handmade. This jewelry was often used before the Industrial Revolution and very few pieces have survived so far. Georgian Jewelry is rare and detailed, made of precious crystal stones. Later, the Victorian Era appeared and in the early times, the jewelry was nature-inspired designs in the silver or gold metals. During the Victorian Era, Lockets and brooches became popular along with gemstones and diamonds. In the middle of the Victorian Era, the colorful collection was converted into dark and pastel colors. Finally, in the Late Victorian Era (1885-1990), the jewelry was made of star and crescent designs with flowers and the shade of springs. 

    Then, came the Arts & Crafts Era with a simplified and handmade jewelry trend that was against the styles developed by machines because of the Industrial Revolution. 


    In either way, the vintage sterling silver jewelry collection is unique and versatile in its existence. While you pick vintage or antique pieces of jewelry, you tend to get the pieces of jewelry accessories that are quite old, around 50 - 100 years old. We hope this read helps you to understand the difference between antique and vintage jewelry pieces. 

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    3 Most Popular Winter Jewelry Pieces in 2021

    The winter is coming, and it’s the right time to start shortlisting your attire and other fashion accessories for an enhanced vogue. You can either go with your tried and tested fashion formula or start experimenting with something which is completely new for you. However, it is the combination of both that works for the most on almost all occasions.

    Jewelry plays a significant part in our day-to-day adornment. Adding some gorgeous-looking jewelry pieces into your fashion accessories would certainly have a positive impact on your overall fashion aesthetics. Embracing trending jewelry pieces into your lifestyle will showcase you as a fashion-forward individual and people surrounding you will start noticing it.

    Here, this write-up would help you to know three different winter jewelry trends of 2021. So, let’s explore them one by one.

    Dainty Genuine Princess Cut Peridot and Diamond Stackable Ring In Solid Gold

     Yellow gold stackable rings have been in trend for the last few years and this year is no exception. This particular gold stackable ring comes with a princess cut peridot stone coupled with a couple of round-shaped diamonds. Such an amazing combination ensures a magnificent view to wearers’ fingers. Peridot has spiritual significance, and besides, from a fashion point of view, the stone looks brilliant.

     The slim and classy look of this ring would make it an ideal choice for day-to-day usage. Pair this ring with a leather jacket and jeans for the best possible look. This dainty ring is available in three different color options, such as yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Therefore, you have the flexibility to go with any of the three available options as you like

    Yellow gold stackable rings


    Solid Gold Hathor Egyptian Goddess Pendant Necklace

     Bring a sense of freshness into your lifestyle by adding a solid gold hathor pendant to your jewelry collection this upcoming winter season. As the name suggests, the pendant features an iconic idol of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor, which provides a vintage look to this religious pendant. She is also known as the goddess of the sky and is said to protect the wearer from all kinds of evil forces.

    As far as glamour is concerned, this particular necklace would offer a charismatic grace to your personality. By matching this pendant with your attire, you can also be a part of the ongoing trend of religious jewelry. The pendant portraying the unique artform will certainly be hard to ignore in your vicinity.

    Surprisingly, this Egyptian goddess necklace is extremely versatile as you can wear it on all occasions, irrespective of its nature. The necklace is available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold color options.

    hathor pendant

    Diamond Stud Earrings in Solid Gold

     Of late, the trend of white gold earrings for women has shown an unprecedented surge, which was never experienced earlier. These 14k white gold earrings come with a timeless design, which will remain fashionable for a long period to come. The 14k white gold is extremely durable and can sustain all kinds of stress on day-to-day usage. The sparkling diamond at the centerpiece complements these gold earrings bringing exquisite beauty and sophistication. Besides, you can’t go wrong by gifting these stunning earrings to your loved one on the eve of her birthday or your anniversary.

    The earrings come with as many as three different color options, like rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. 

    14k white gold earrings


     All these three elusive jewelry pieces will augment your styling in the upcoming winter. Adding them to your wardrobe completely makes sense. What is your stand on this particular topic and are you planning to buy some new jewelry pieces for the upcoming winter? Let us know in the comment section below.



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    4 Brilliant Bridal Jewelry Pieces

    A marriage is incomplete without wearing stunningly beautiful bridal jewelry. Being an ancient tradition, wearing jewelry carries both religious and ceremonial significance. Besides, it also acts as a symbolism of the status and wealth of the wearer.

    Jewelry often gets instant attention complementing the attire you wear. On a once in a lifetime occasion like a wedding, it is essential to be adorned with the best-in-class attires, and jewelry. Like every other individual out there, you will also like to be in your best form on a special day like marriage. And, today, to make your job easier, we will specifically talk about bridal jewelry in depth. 

    Here, in this article, we will introduce four beautiful bridal jewelry choices that you must consider for your upcoming marriage event.

  • Diamond Plate Statement Ring

  • Wearing this marvelous ring on your wedding day, you will feel confident enhancing your existing look. This classy
    Diamond cluster stunner ring features as many as 61 full cut round diamonds embellished on a round gold plate. The cumulative sparkles of all these round diamonds would certainly enlighten the vicinity. 

    The ring is available in three different color options: rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. 

        Diamond cluster stunner ring

  • Ankh Pendant/Necklace in Solid Gold

  • The ancient symbol of the ankh is widely believed as a symbol of protection. By wearing the golden ankh pendant bridal necklace, you can very well protect yourself from negative energy and evil forces. The necklace carries the symbol of the ankh with a triangle-shaped background. The pendant is attached to a rolo chain, which is durable and will offer a solid grip. Stack this necklace with other necklaces for a truly distinct look.

    You can either go with a 10k or 14k gold in rose gold, white gold, and traditional yellow gold color variants. 

                                                         golden ankh pendant

  • Solid Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

  • Most people these days tend to overlook earrings completely and focus mostly on rings and necklaces, and here lies the opportunity for you. By going with a gorgeous pair of earrings, you can offer a unique touch to your adornment.

    These 14k white gold earrings will add a touch of shimmer to your wedding attires, bringing immediate attention to you. A larger-than-life white diamond present at the center exudes enormous glisters and acts as the heart and soul of these earrings.  

    Adding this stunning pair of earrings to your wardrobe would definitely enhance your bridal look and contribute a lot of value, as you can wear them on a daily basis after the wedding as well. 

  • Wedding Ring for Men

  • n general, women get much more jewelry options to choose from in comparison to their male counterparts. So for all those men reading this write-up, we are recommending this classy and bold mens rose gold wedding band. The plain band comes with a hammered design frame which makes it a desirable choice for all occasions. 

    The simple yet sophisticated band has a hammered finish on every edge providing a symmetric view.

                                                        mens rose gold wedding band


    Wedding day is special for everyone, you are no exception, and therefore spending some extra money on your bridal jewelry sets is simply worth it. Which of the above-mentioned jewelry pieces impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section below. 

    For more such incredible bridal jewelry, visit Takar Jewelry today.


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    5 Most Popular Ancient Symbol Jewelry

    Ancient symbols have their own significance even in today’s civilization. You will find multiple symbols that are quite famous all around the globe. Carrying them every time in the form of jewelry certainly has a positive impact on your overall lifestyle.

    Upon observing these ancient symbols carefully, you will be surprised to find all of them, be it Egyptian, Greek, or any other civilizations that matter, are extraordinarily symmetric yet eye-catching.  

    This article will discuss five such jewelry options carrying ancient symbols, which can be a great choice for you in 2021.

  • Pentagram Pendant

  • Being the symbol of faith, the pentagram never fails to inspire you on the mental, spiritual, and emotional levels. The five points of the pentagram represent air, fire, earth, water, and spirit respectively.

    This pentagram jewelry features five sparkling cubic zirconia stones on each corner. The combination of solid gold and cubic zirconia forms an incredible pair, which will easily capture the attention of your vicinity. The rope-shaped circle provides a sense of freshness to the design aesthetics of this necklace. 

    The pentagram necklace is available in three different color options, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

    pentagram jewelry

    For those who are aspiring to carry the symbol of universal brotherhood, this pentagrams jewelry can be a perfect choice. The pendant features multiple religious symbols and delivers the message of harmony and peaceful coexistence. The pentagram necklace made in sterling silver is extremely durable and ideal for your daily use purpose.

    pentagrams jewelry
  • Solid Gold Ohm Ring with Double Rope Band

  • If you are looking for a jewelry piece featuring some ancient symbols having religious importance with a unique look and solid form factor, here is the deal for you. This ohm band would certainly address all your requirements with absolute ease.

    The symbol of ‘ohm’ is often regarded as one of the oldest holy symbols in ancient culture. Ohm is nothing but the sound of the universe and unifies whatever is present within it.

    Purely from a fashion point of view, this solid gold ohm ring looks incredible. The delicate double rope band brings a rare fusion of modern and traditional art forms. The symbol of ohm itself looks quite bold and by wearing this ring, you can improve your existing sense of fashion.

    The ohm band comes with three metal options: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

    ohm ring
  • Dainty Caduceus Medical Symbol Charm Pendant Necklace in Solid Gold

  • If you are willing to showcase your support to doctors in this pandemic period, consider wearing this caduceus pendant necklace. By adding this contemporary-looking
    medical caduceus jewelry featuring the caduceus staff of Hermes, you can show your gratitude to the doctors’ community and celebrate their contribution to our society.

    You can match this necklace with traditional attire for the best possible look. The necklace is available in three different colors, such as white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

    medical caduceus jewelry
  • Gold Egyptian Cartouche Pendant Necklace
    This egyptian cartouche necklace is a fine piece of jewelry that would unquestionably improve your appetite for fashion. The rectangle-shaped Egyptian Cartouche Tablet necklace comes with multiple popular hieroglyphic images adding a touch of shimmer to your overall dressing sense.

    The trendy look coupled with spectacular visual uniqueness makes this necklace truly unique. This egyptian gold pendant necklace is available in 10k and 14k gold options with rose gold, white gold, and traditional yellow gold color variants.

    egyptian cartouche necklace


  • Ankh Key of Life Ring in Solid Gold
    You must have heard about ankh jewelry rings at least once. The symbol appears multiple times in the ancient Egyptian arts and is known as the symbol of life. Even in the contemporary world, ankh rings and necklaces are quite famous and universally acknowledged.

    The highly polished ring is the epitome of grace and elegance. Its highly polished interior will offer a soothing finish to your finger, without compromising your glamour quotient.

    This solid gold ankh key of life ring is available in three different metal options, such as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

    ankh jewelry rings

    Takar Jewelry offers some great ancient jewelry collections. Our handcrafted jewelry pieces are locally manufactured and we offer an array of options to choose from.


    Ancient jewelry brings a whole different charm altogether. By embracing a vintage jewelry piece depicting an ancient symbol, you very well enhance your existing fashion quotient. 

    Which of the ancient jewelry mentioned above impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.




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