A Guide to the Honey Collection at the House of Takar

A Guide to the Honey Collection at the House of Takar

Mohammad Barkati

What is the Honey Collection?

True to its name, the Honey Collection by Takar Jewelry is absolutely delectable! While we talk about its appearance, let's walk you through the significance it holds. It is a surreal designer collection that depicts the significance of women. Epitomizing the honeycomb, the pieces are as bling as they are symmetrical. You're bound to adore the collection! 

The Honey Collection has various designs, common of which is the hexagonal shape. All the 6-sides are delicately crafted and look absolutely amazing. The hexagon honeycomb shape provides bees with a solid home to store their honey in. Not just that, but the honeycomb is the home to Queen Bee as well! 

Honeycomb Diamond Ring

Therefore, the collection is a tribute to women who are Queen in their respective fields and reign with strength, perseverance, and style! 

4 Picks for your Quirky Self: 

The Honey Collection holds a unique charm! Simply because it is not just crafted with a rare idea, but also caters to the curiosity of Drama-lovers. Its hexagonal shape appeals to every House of Dragons and Game of Thrones fan! If you're a fan too, follow the below 4 picks for a class-above jewelry collection. 

  • Dainty Honeycomb Diamond Statement Rope Ring in Solid Gold:

    Classic as it sounds, the Dainty Honeycomb Diamond Ring in Solid Gold is quite a charmer! Curated with 7 diamonds, the 6-sided ring is all glitzy and glamorous in appearance. Detailed with a personal touch and handcrafted to perfection, it can be worn with every outfit for any occasion. 

  • Honeycomb Statement Band in 14k Solid Gold: Treat the Queen Bee within you to this statement piece from the house of Takar Jewelry! Crafted like a honeycomb and available in shimmering White, Yellow, and Rose Gold, the Honeycomb band catches every onlooker's eye. Its shape makes it a unique one and it is truly unmissable if you want your jewelry to speak of your strong personality.


  • Honeycomb Statement Pendant Necklace in Solid Gold: Another striking piece from Takar Jewelry, the Honeycomb Pendant Necklace in Solid Gold raises the bar! Crafted in a honeycomb pattern, it is a must-have for every pattern lover. If minimalist geometric shapes intrigue you, this is surely the one to go for. What sets it class apart is its relevance. If you are a teenager, who wants to experiment with some fun accessories, it has that look. 
  • While if you are an adult who wishes to wear something bold and classic, again, it caters to your needs. 

  • Solid Gold Dainty Honeycomb Cut-Out Necklace: Expect the unexpected! Yes, with Takar's Honey Collection, you gotta do that. While you would expect another blingy piece from Jewelry creators, Takar is here to surprise you just in time. Its Gold Honeycomb Necklace is minimal jewelry curated for the minimalist in you.
  • With solid gold carving on the hexagonal circumference of the necklace, adorn your neckline in style. Not just that, but it also goes well with any outfit. 

Wrap up:

Intrigued? How about visiting Takar Jewelry and trying one this weekend? The Honey Collection is every bit suitable for any age group and can be worn both as everyday jewelry and as an occasional one. So, wait no more and let this piece of elegance slide into your collection soon. I will be back with more such scintillating pieces. Till then, stay tuned!