From Sisters to Partners...

Meet The Designers

Takar is a luxury jewelry company based and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. Designers, Christine and Talar Levonian - sisters who were born and raised in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles - began Takar in early 2018.
The Levonians have been in the jewelry designing and manufacturing business for 25 years and were known as “Los Angeles’ Biggest Manufacturers.” But this is more than a business endeavor, jewelry making has been a huge part of the two sisters’ lives since childhood and they have been learning about the art from their parents for as long as they can remember. Thankful for the opportunity brought to them by their mom and dad, Christine and Talar have named the brand after their parents Takouhi and Karnik Levonian.
Being surrounded by talented designers and jewelry experts, the sisters were inspired by the limitless freedom of jewelry design and manufacturing. Both Talar and Christine share a passion for innovation and are committed to quality, affordability, and accessible customer service. They hope to spread love through their unique designs because for them, jewelry is more than just an accessory- it’s a piece worn to tell a story. Driven by these ideals, Takar strives to have a unique piece created for each unique person to call their own. They hope to prove that designer jewelry can be stunning, versatile, and affordable. As Takar grows, they simultaneously hope to revolutionize the jewelry market.