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Honey Collection

Honey by Takar is a designer collection designed to portray the significance of woman. Inspired by the honeycomb, the collection comes together with various designs of the 6-sided shape that fit perfectly together. Because of it's shape the honeycomb is durable enough to allow bees to produce and store their honey, and most importantly be a home for the Queen Bee. Takar has brought to you a unique collection for every woman to proudly wear, representing their strength, power & stability.

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Honey collection- Takar Jewelry
Initals collection

Initials Collection

Claim your identity with Initials by Takar and display your individuality with letters that define you. Adorn the letters of a loved one, significant other, or yourself, and proudly represent your identity.

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Beliefs by TK  is a unique collection of jewelry designed for all beliefs. Takar takes great pride in omnism, and specializes in crafting beautiful jewelry for everyone to enjoy.

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Believe by Takar Jewelry

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Essential jewelry pieces for the Takar Men

Takar Men

Takar is proud to present the essential pieces for the Takar Man.

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