Practical Rose Gold Statement Rings That Will Beautify Your Winter

In 2021, we saw a galore of statement jewelry and fashion, from wedding jewelry to red-carpet fashion. So, it is only fitting to see how we can beautify our winters with the same!

This blog will discuss what kind of rose gold statement rings await us! So, read on to find some  gems you can add to your winter jewelry collection this season.

To begin with, obnoxiously huge diamonds, big and bola colorful stones, or extravagant designs are integral parts of any statement jewel-and rings are no exception. 

Ladies and men love to show off their fashion sense and wealth through extravagant jewelry. But if you are like us and want to find some "practical" statement pieces you can rock without damaging; this blog is for you!   


Why do people wear statement rings?

Since the beginning of time, people have loved adorning their bodies. From plant leaves and stick crowns, to the jewels we see charming the market today.

Since the evolution of jewelry making, tiny, delicate jewelry pieces have always been praised. However, trends have taken a different turn in recent years. We have seen everything from compact, delicate pieces to huge dangling jewels. We have even seen clothes made out of jewelry!

Models, celebrities, and social media influencers love showing off their extravagant lifestyles and wealth through jewelry collections. This phenomenon gave rise to the statement rings trend. 

As hands are often the most attention-grabbing part of our body, bejeweling them with these luxurious rings is an excellent way of making a loud and bold statement- cultural, political, or social.

Its sleek and smooth finish makes it the perfect Practical statement ring to rock with any outfit, from a simple pair of jeans to a classy cocktail dress.

Statement jewelry, in general, has also become a status symbol. – After all, not all of us can afford a 35-carat ring like Mariah Carey. 

Now, without any further ado, let's see our statement ring picks this winter –

Solitaire Pear-shaped CZ Statement Ring: 

The pear shaped solitaire engagement ring features a whopping 5-carat Pear-shaped Cubic Zirconia Diamond as a center stone. 

This ring is a stunner, no matter how you carry it. Wear it alone, which will make you shimmer throughout the day, or layer it with other rings to give it a swirl of extravagance.

This magnificent ring will be the perfect promise or even a beautiful birthday gift. Wow her with this sparkly bundle of joy and see how much she loves the surprise.

The huge center stone is set in solid gold in a three-prong setting. The delicate prong setting makes it look like the diamond is floating above your fingers.

Not only that, but you can get this ring in yellow, white, and rose gold options, available in 10k and 14k gold. This ring is exceptionally comfortable on your hands and also on your wallet. Its affordability and ease make it one of the most practical statement rings you can own.

Honeycomb Signet Statement Rope Ring: 

Why not make this statement ring even better by adding your initials to it? This signet ring rope comes in solid gold and can be customized just for you.

Furthermore, the ring features a beautiful, elegant rope texture all over its shank and around the centerpiece. The ring features a beautiful sleek gold top, where any initial of your choice can be engraved.

What better way to celebrate your honey-sweet winters than with honey-themed jewelry?

Our honeycomb collection has many more surprising pieces you can add to your wishlist today! 

Diamond Plate Statement Ring:

This statement diamond ring is the perfect gift to wow your partner this winter. This will make the ideal companion for confessing your undying love to your partner or even popping the big question!

Moreover, the ring was made with three crucial details in mind: affordable, classy, and bold. This stunner is made of two beautifully carved pieces. 

The first one is the sparkling, majestic clustered micro pave diamonds, full-cut white diamonds set on a dainty, beautiful, fine gold plate. 

While the second piece consists of uniquely structured, highly-polished fine solid gold. The ring has three metal options: yellow, white, and rose gold. The ring also comes in two purity options 10k or 14k gold. 

Its classy, sleek, and seamless finish with the finest polish makes this ring very comfortable on your fingers… and its price makes it even more comfortable for your bank account! – These three attributes make it one of our most practical statement rings!

Lastly, these rings will enhance your beauty and complete your winter jewelry collection. Let us know your thoughts on these pieces in the comments section. 

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