Diamond Statement Rings - How Did Diamond Engagement Rings Become a Status Symbol?

Diamond Statement Rings - How Did Diamond Engagement Rings Become a Status Symbol?

Mohammad Barkati

Hmmm… We have all heard songs and watched movies about diamonds and how they are a woman's best friend. We have also seen how engagement ring trends have changed throughout history.

So, where did it all begin? Have you ever wondered... who started the tradition of proposing with a diamond engagement ring? If you find this as fascinating as we do, let's look through our history and find out more. 

That said, the Diamond is the most sought-after stone in engagement rings and wedding rings. The wedding aisle and diamond statement rings are ruling the red carpet now.

This blog will take you through the origin of diamond wedding rings. And explain how diamond rings became a status symbol and the most popular type of wedding ring.

How Did Diamond Engagement Rings Become a Status Symbol?

During the Roman era, wives wore rings attached to small keys. This indicated their husbands' ownership. Experts believe this is where the tradition of exchanging wedding rings originated.

Besides, Diamond rings are now integral to any wedding proposal. Whether it's in movies, media, social media trends, and celebrity culture, it all started in 1477.

Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented the very first diamond engagement ring. In 1477, he commissioned this ring to his future wife, Mary of Burgundy. As a result, diamond rings became a popular choice among European nobility.

Since then, Royal families worldwide have followed suit. And soon enough, the diamond became the societal standard of a wedding ring. 

But now, people have started preferring more eccentric wedding ring designs. Such as these rose gold statement rings, from Takar Jewelry. What are your thoughts on having a gold statement ring as your wedding ring?

diamond statement rings

3 Beautiful Diamond Statement Rings to Propose With in 2023

Diamond Plate Statement Engagement Ring in Solid Gold: 

gold statement ring

This ring design consists of 3 things in mind: classiness, boldness, and affordability. The central part of this stunning ring consists of a micro pave. - Full-cut white diamonds exquisitely set on a delicate, refined, round gold plate.

Moreover, the carefully polished ring setting is the second component of this stunning piece. This ring is eye-catching thanks to its original idea and style. This makes it the ideal accessory for any outfit.

1 Carat Eternity Diamond Band in 14k Solid Gold: 

rose gold statement rings

A Beautiful Eternity Band with a total Diamond weight of 1 Carat. It's solid and safe, constructed of pure 14k gold. And most importantly, comfortable enough to wear every day and never take off. 

Besides, you won't be able to take your eyes off your hands with this beauty on them. The ring is set exquisitely with SI3+, white-colored diamonds with a bright luster.

Solitaire 7 Ct. Asscher Cut Engagement Statement Ring In Solid Gold: 

rose gold statement ring

There is no doubt that this Asscher cut ring embraces a timeless appearance. The beautiful four-prong setting of this ring sets it apart from the crowd. The beautiful solitaire sparkles brighter than any other due to its Assher-cut.

To sum up, This engagement ring is perfect for brides who love sparkling throughout their day. This beautiful ring will enhance the beauty of your hands. 

Wrapping Up:

So, this was the story of how it all started. No wonder Diamonds became the most popular pick among people. Their shine, perfection, and color set them apart from the rest. 

Finally, let us know your thoughts on this blog! What do you think of this origin story?