Hammered band ring collection: Get Hammered With Our Hammered By Takar Jewelry Collection This New Year!

Hammered band ring collection: Get Hammered With Our Hammered By Takar Jewelry Collection This New Year!

Mohammad Barkati

Classic, rustic jewelry pieces are making a comeback in 2023, and you will surely want to hop on this trend! After all, vintage jewelry pieces are irresistible for their aesthetic and design.

Even celebrities like Rita Ora, Mary Olsen, and Rihanna love their fair share of vintage pieces. They love flaunting their love for these pieces on the red carpet from time to time.

So, are you ready to explore our Hammered Jewelry Collection this new year? If yes, keep reading, as this blog will show you the best Hammered band rings we have in store for this season!

What Exactly Is 'hammered' Jewelry?

Hammering is a type of jewelry-making that creates a textured jewelry pieces that appears rough yet classic and vintage. After all, hammered Jewelry was trendy during the medieval period.

Hammering is a process of texturing various metal and jewelry pieces with a hammer. The hammer creates geometric, symmetric, and asymmetric shapes along the length of the piece.

Traditionally, hammers were used to turn molten metal blocks into thin, seamless sheets. These thin, plain sheets were then turned into armor, helmets, swords, shields, and even fine jewelry pieces like crowns, rings, and much more!

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Why Collect Hammered Vintage Jewelry Pieces?

Hammered jewelry pieces are often rare and hard to recreate. These pieces make great collectible items for vintage fanatics who love their aesthetic.

Vintage pieces also have a mystic, rustic, and totemic feel. Their aesthetic makes them a popular choice among jewelry fanatics. These pieces are great for those who love to flaunt their out-of-the-box fashion sense.

Vintage Hammered jewelry pieces can be used to make bold fashion statements. You can find countless celebrity photos showcasing vintage pieces that look fabulous on any outfit and anyone.

Tips and Tricks To Incorporate Hammered Jewelry Pieces Into Your Dailywear:

Color Coordinate With Your Favorite Outfit:

While color-coordinating your jewelry pieces might sound like a hassle at first is also a great way to ensure your jewelry collection is even.

    By even, we mean to ensure that your pieces are not exceptionally far-off from each other. To a point where pairing them together becomes a challenge itself. 

    For instance, check out this pear shaped aquamarine ring which comes in yellow, white, and rose gold. 

    Go big, show more, and be bold:

    The thing about vintage pieces is that they are great for making statements. So if your wardrobe leans more toward the effortless style, these pieces are perfect for adding a fancy flare.

      Wearing big statement rings on your fingers will draw all the attention to your hands. And whenever you make hand gestures while talking, people will be drawn towards you. 

      Often easier to find gender-neutral Jewelry:

      While this is more of a benefit than a tip, it is tough to find gender-neutral pieces when we talk of hammered vintage jewelry.

        Their rough-around-the-edges appearance makes them perfect for men as well as women. For instance, check out this hammered band ring.

        3 Hammered Jewelry Pieces To Make Your New Years' Better!

        Dainty Pear Shape Aquamarine & Diamonds Stackable Ring:

        a distinctive style motivated by the constellations and glittering stars. This design contains premium gemstones, bezel-set diamonds, and a phenomenal hammered finish. 

          A delicate but constructible design. You can stack as many delicate rings as you need to achieve the desired look.

          Besides, this ring comes in yellow, white, and rose gold options, which makes this ring very easy to customize according to your liking. 

          Hammered 7mm Band Ring In Solid Sterling Silver:

          Who says only girls should have all the fun? This 7mm Sterling Silver Band Ring is the perfect buy for your lovely partner this season. Not only is this ring very trendy, but also very budget-friendly. 

          Apart from that, you can also get this ring in yellow, white, and rose gold in 10k and 14k. This band will be the perfect promise or proposal ring for your partner on this romantic occasion.

          So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this stunner right away!

          Dainty Genuine Garnet & Diamond Stackable Ring:

          This Garnet Diamond Ring has an unusual style motivated by constellations and sparkling stars. Takar jewelers use fine gemstones, bezel-set diamonds, and a distinctive hammered finish to create this design. 

          With an adorable but constructible design, you can stack as many delicate rings as you need to achieve your desired look. This ring's ruby red emerald-cut center stone will add just the right pop of color to your outfit.


          Summing up, these are our suggestions for this season. The aesthetic of these designs is the perfect addition to any winter jewelry collection. 

          The sleek, seamless, and high-shine finish of our diamonds, paired with the rough exterior of the rings, is the perfect hot-and-cold combination for your winter needs!

          Finally, which of these designs do you love the most? In the comments section, let us know your thoughts on our Hammered Jewelry collection.