4 Inexpensive Yet Elegant Jewelry Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Occasional gifting of something enticing to your loved one will strengthen the relationship over time. By presenting an alluring gift of her choice, you can showcase the importance she carries in your life.

More than anything else, a gift has always been considered as an act of self-gratification, and at the end of the day, you will feel extremely proud of the initiative and effort you have made to bring a smile on her face.

 When Should You Present a Gift?

For those who are still puzzled about choosing an ideal occasion, here is something you should check out. 

You don’t need any specific day to present something special to her. Each passing day in a relationship has its own significance and deserves celebration. In fact, it is a surprise gift, which works far better than a predictable anniversary or birthday gift. A delicate surprise gift also leaves a long-lasting impact on her and always remains close to her heart.

 A gift is always a gift, irrespective of its nature, your lady is going to appreciate it every time. For her, it is your love and affection behind presenting the gift that matters the most. However, presenting something meaningful would certainly increase the utility of your gift, and she can take advantage of its benefits.

 Is Jewelry a Good Gift?

With just a little research, you will come across a number of potential gift options, but nothing would satisfy women more than a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Over the years, popular jewelry pieces like bracelets, earrings, chains have been referred to as the perfect present to ladies out there, owing to the rare combination of practicality and the fashion quotient that it brings to the table.

However, the high price tag of jewelry products seems to prevent a large number of potential buyers. It is not possible for an individual to go with the best-in-class jewelry option, paying a hefty amount, multiple times a year.

Therefore, a significant chunk of the potential buyers prefers to compromise their preference and go with some less appealing gift materials.

But to your surprise, Takar Jewelry  is offering several incredible jewelry options to gift your girlfriend without breaking your bank. So now, by paying a reasonable price, you can buy the jewelry of your choice without compromising the quality aspect.

So, here are our top 4 budget jewelry choices that would satisfy the glamour quotient of literally anyone.

Marquise-Shaped Genuine Ruby and White Topaz Engagement/Promise Ring in White Gold

Bewitch your girlfriend by gifting this modern-looking white topaz engagement ring today. As its name suggests, you can present this personalized  white gold diamond promise ring at the beginning of your relationship as a symbol of a promise to stay together against every possible odds. 

The Marquise-shaped genuine Ruby stone engraved at the center and a couple of round-shaped white Topaz at the two sides look brilliant. Pairing this unique promise ring with contemporary attire, she can include an additional layer of charm to her charismatic personality.

The polished interior offers a great level of comfort and makes this ring a suitable option for everyday use.

white gold diamond promise ring
Oval Lab Created Ruby Gemstone Ring In Sterling Silver

This blood red gemstone ring comes with a timeless design featuring an oval-shaped lab-created Ruby stone at the center and 2 white Topaz at the two lateral sides. The bold blood-red color of the stone attracts a lot of attention even in a crowded party and brings some well-crafted appreciation for her sense of fashion. 

Ruby symbolizes purity, nobility, and passion. By wearing this ring on her ring finger, your girlfriend would inculcate some of these values into her personality. This lovely sterling silver ruby gemstone ring certainly deserves a place in her wardrobe.


blood red gemstone ring 


Claddagh Diamond & July Birthstone Heart Necklace in Solid Sterling Silver

Spiritually, Ruby, the birthstone of July-born people, is considered a source of energy and fills the wearers’ body with positivity. The stone also features a lot of symbolic religious significance.

The classic combination of this sparkling pendant and chain looks eye-pleasing. 

This designer-inspired July Birthstone Heart Necklace comes with a heart-shaped Ruby stone coupled with as many as 12 twinkling diamonds. She can either combine this vibrant Claddagh Diamond Heart Necklace with other necklaces or prefer to wear it alone.

                                                  Claddagh Diamond Heart Necklace

Butterfly Genuine Ruby & White Cubic Zirconia Winged Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

Celebrate the best moments of your relationship by presenting this beautiful diamond butterfly pendant to your partner. The red and white marquise-shaped cubic zirconia wings emphasize her regular outfit making this sterling silver butterfly pendant, a desirable choice to wear on any occasion. The four cubic zirconia stones exude an enormous amount of brightness that would be hard for anyone to ignore. 

Wearing this stunning necklace on the beach pairing with colorful attire would be a lot of fun.

                                                 diamond butterfly pendant                  


Now it’s time for you to speak. Which of the budget jewelry products mentioned above did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

To find more such wonderful jewelry options, check out Takar Jewelry today.




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8 Best Gemstones Jewelry and Everything To Know About Gemstones

Gemstones are the gift of nature, and from ancient civilizations, they have this old quest to embellish beauty and embrace the beauty of nature. 

Getting a raw gemstone requires furnishing and polishing to know its value and importance. With time, man explored the field of Gemology in-depth and used fine craftsmanship to introduce some of the incredible creations.

The famous art critic Charles Blanc stated in his work Art in Ornament and Dress, 1875

"How much art and science, and what attention, what care is attention to render the sunbeams which are imprisoned in a tiny polyhedron of pure carbon, brilliant and sparkling!"

These lines depict how art and science combine to form sparkling beauty like diamonds and gemstones.

From prehistoric times, stone cutting and refinement have been part of life to create meaningful definitions.

Firstly, when humans began chiseling in the cave walls for which blades were made sharper, the technique involves modern drilling, polishing, and tumbling for arts welfare.

For your information, the art of gemology that includes cutting and polishing is called lapidary.  

We hope the guide to gemstone makes you understand the processing of gemstones at various stages and how valuable it becomes when it comes to you. Thus, we at Takar Jewelry, have selected eight out of the best gemstone collection jewelry with significance to their properties. 

Significance of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is associated with peace and tranquility. These gemstones are purposely for spring stones. The sea blue crystal also represents the transformation to a new life. The crystal is eye-catching with the pure essence of hope and youthfulness. On our list, we have two Aquamarine jewelry for a dainty and luxury appearance. 

Aquamarine is specially worn by people born in March and wearing aquamarine promotes creativity, hope, and self-expression from within to the wearer. 

Rabbit Ear Pendant Necklace

The diamond rabbit necklace comes with the enigmatic aquamarine gemstones embedded in the gold. The pendant is available in 10k or 14k rose, yellow, and white gold colors.


rabbit ear pendant necklace

Significance of Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia that appears similar to diamonds is a clear gemstone. It promotes focus, and clarity in life. Also, this gemstone is low in cost and durable to wear.

 Eye of Horus Necklace

This exotic piece of the Eye of Horus necklace features a solid silver plate surrounded by 30 CZ gemstones. The silver eye of the horus pendant has a silver sterling chain with a Rolo chain in a spring-ring manner.

Eye of Horus Necklace

Significance of Citrine

Citrine is the orange color of a pretty gemstone with magnificent benefits. The gemstone induces positivity and provides psychic growth to improvise clarity and self-confidence to the wearer.

Citrine Birthstone Rings

Citrine birthstone rings are perfect to mix with classy and fashion-forward statements. Theunique V shape of the rope band brings a different and charismatic look to the wearer.

Citrine Birthstone Rings

Significance of Sapphire

Sapphire is the gemstone of royalty and associated with abundance, blessing, and intuitiveness. The stone removes the negativity around you and restores calmness in your mind, body, and soul.

Princess Cut Pink Sapphire Ring

The pink sapphire princess cut ring is a unique creation of craftsmanship. The ring has six beautiful princess cut sapphires connected with full-cut diamonds that appear magnificent. The princess cut pink sapphire ring is stacked made of gold bars embedded with diamonds. The ring is available in 10k or 14k yellow, rose, and white gold colors.

Pink Sapphire Princess Cut Ring

Significance of Ruby

The ruby is a royal stone specially used in the landed gentry families with the belief of health, wealth, and wisdom. The color of the stone also symbolizes the love bond and represents nobility, purity, and passion.

Ruby Birthstone Ring

With the mark of clarity and purity, the ruby birthstone ring is a lovely heart-shaped ring for her. It portrays a stylish and contemporary look. The band has a smooth and polished finish ensuring good comfort to the wearer.

Ruby Gemstone Birthstone Ring

Significance of Emerald

The emerald gemstone is considered as the stone of mercury which is symbolic to bless with the power of communication and wealth in life. It promotes economic growth and maintains a balance in all spheres of life.

Emerald and Diamond Ring

The emerald and diamond ring is beautifully designed with exuberant color. On either side of the emerald diamond ring, it contains 8 round-shaped diamonds. The exuberant color options are from various types of gemstones.

With all these options, we believe you would be able to decide which one to pick. As the good gemstones help to get great jewelry quality and if you want to explore more such jewelry collections then, visit our jewelry site


Emerald and Diamond Ring

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Gold, Diamond and Sterling Silver Initial Jewelry for Your Daughter’s Birthday

For ages, people have tried to express their perspectives through jewelry designs. Personalized initial necklaces are currently considered as the favorites for fashion maniacs, and also these pieces of jewelry are one of the stylish,  creative, and convenient ways to use monograms. It's a bit difficult to find the origin of using monograms to embellish jewelry, but some jewelry enthusiasts believe that it might be a trend back in the 14th or 15th century. 

Today we see this revival trend decoratively, but back in Roman culture engraving hands, coins, jewelry with the ruler's initials, and monogramming was an integral part of their identification.  Also in Greek civilization archaeologists have found the same kind of coins, with the ruler's initial, which helped the historians depict that era. 

The word "monogram" is derived from the Greek dictionary; "mono" means solo and "gram" means letters. Earlier these monograms consisted of two letters, but in the Victorian era, the traditional monogram was made of three letters. Then eventually with change and adaptations, people started engraving these monogram signs on the body adornments and that's how we got the trend of personalization or customization. No matter if it's a birthday, anniversary, proposal, marriage, or even a date, personalized jewelry will leave a huge impact on the wearer. Even now you have the option to choose your favorite style, fonts, color, metals, gems, texts, numbers, calligraphy, or even abstract art. 

The basic form of personalizing jewelry lies in engraving your name's initial. This is not just a name or just a part of identity; it's a proud proclamation to be yourself, it's a tribute to your parents who gave you the name and the power to live on. This personalized jewelry is a way to blend your identity with your daily attire and also it is a very productive way to brand yourself. 

Top Hollywood A-listed celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Marica Cross have also been seen using initial jewelry, as a part of their daily style statement. That makes it pretty for all of us that gifting or buying initial jewelry can bring twists and turns in your regular jewelry boxes. That is the reason we thought this 2021, let's make this initial jewelry a part of all the birthday gifts. 

Frankly speaking, today's young generation is obsessed with initial pendants and necklaces. Their confidence level raises when they adorn their bodies with their initials.  In case of your daughter's birthday you can gift her an initial pendant to express the way you feel for her, or maybe to make her realize how important she is for you. But your message should be hidden in the form of design, style, choosing metals, gems, or even fonts. Also, you can change your styles like if your daughter is a spiritual person you can go customized pendants with initials and divine motifs like hamsa hand, cross, or maybe an Angel Wing. 

In Takar Jewelry we have sorted out some of the beautiful, stylish, and modern initial jewelry, from our assorted collection, which you can use to mesmerize your daughter on her special day. 

Z Necklace

The z necklace obviously identifies the last alphabet of the whole series. This cursive initial necklace is for people whose name starts with the “Z” alphabet. This z initial necklace talks about goal-oriented people who have great leadership qualities. People whose name starts with Z tend to take practical decisions in life, more than EQ they get carried away with their IQ. This z pendant necklace is available in all  three colors i.e. white, yellow, and rose gold.

z necklace

14k Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

The characteristics of people, whose names start with a “C” are creative, confident, and courageous. They attract people with their optimistic takes about life, also they are social enthusiasts. This 14k gold initial pendant necklace is explicating immense amounts of spark. This diamond letter c necklace is also engraved with round cut white diamonds, and available in white, yellow, and rose gold.

14k Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

Personalized Initial Stud Earrings 

These lovely personalized initial stud earrings if your daughter's name starts with M. These initial diamond stud earrings feature the letter made with 10k gold and engraved with several round cut diamonds. People whose names start with the letter “M” are very hardworking, loyal, security-conscious, also they are always focused on life. 

Personalized Initial Stud Earrings

S Initial Pendant Necklace

This s initial pendant necklace features the shape of the initial “S '', that is embedded with beaming round cut cubic zirconias. People whose names start with S are very lovable and loyal, but they hesitate when it comes to expressing their feelings. They are pretty sympathetic by nature and extremely charming. This white gold initial necklace is also available in yellow and rose gold.

S Initial Pendant Necklace

Initial N Dog Tag Pendant

You can opt for this divine initial N Dog Tag Pendant if your daughter is fashionable and always tries to establish a connection with unique jewelry pieces, this can

Initial N Dog Tag Pendant

be an ideal gift for her. This N initial pendant features the letter engraved in the middle of this sterling silver pendant. People whose name starts with N, have a knack for writing, also, they always like to make their image different from others. 


Letter A Initial Pendant 

This letter A initial pendant features the letter A that is embedded with brilliant cubic zirconia stones, and it also comes with a dainty solid gold chain. People whose name starts with the letter A are entrepreneurial, adventurous and love to look bold. This letter A initial pendant is available in white, yellow, and rose gold. 

A Initial Pendant

If you are looking for any other initial pendants we have a versatile range of collections for all the alphabets from our assorted initial collection from our online store at Takar Jewelry.

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Top 5 Birthstone Jewelry for Special Occasion

The vogue of wearing Birthstone jewelry is not a new trend. Generally when a kid is born, they are assigned a particular stone, based off of their birth month, to bring health, wealth, and prosperity. It is pretty evident here that the zodiac wheel, horoscopes, and positions of birth planets play an integral part in choosing the perfect stone.

Birthstones are a type of gemstone with some historical and spiritual significance. The birthstones are actually decided through the behaviors of an individual. So the colorful stones are not only for religious belief but also if you try to incorporate the persona in a daily fashion, then why not go for these amazing vibrant gemstones?

Since the inception of human society, people have found several ways to overcome  obstacles. Be it surviving physically or mentally, Darwin’s theory of “Survival for the Fittest” was apt for ancient times too. So after trying so hard to resolve earthly complications, humans took the recourse of stars and stones. They strongly believed that with an utterance of some magical words, the stones can turn into a miraculous object.

Traditionally for every birth month, there is a single gemstone, but exceptions do happen. Sometimes there are multiple gemstones for a single month. As society rides on the wheels of change, the theory of birthstone detection is also not an exception. Not necessarily what has happened in the ancient era should be followed till now, because as we know “change is the only constant.”

At that time, the color of the stones was way more important than fashion. They never asked for proper certification nor they used to judge the stones. For example: earlier it was not a well-known fact that Ruby and Garnet were different stones, with distinctive significance. So now before inculcating our birthstone to fashion, let’s take a short detour and know about the perfect stones for particular months.

  •         Garnet is the birthstone for January babies. It is gifted to symbolize trust and friendship.
  •         February babies, their birthstone is the Amethyst; Greeks believe it helps you maintain a balanced mindset.
  • For those who are born in March, Aquamarine is the perfect stone for you, which stands for hope, health and youth.
  •         April babies are always loyal and high-maintained; so their birthstone should be the prestigious diamond.
  •         The vivid Emerald radiates the power of love and compassion and it is especially crafted for people born in May.
  •         June birthdays claim Pearls and Alexandrite, which mainly works to calm the hyper mind.
  •         The fascinating ruby is for July born and it indicates health and wisdom.
  •         Peridot and Spinel are the signature stones for people born in August, which instills power and confidence in the wearer.
  •         Any September birthday calls for blue Sapphire, which protects you from any kind of harm.
  •         Tourmaline and mystic Opal are the October birthstones, which stand for healing, love and compassion.
  •         Both the November stones Citrine and Topaz are associated with calming minds.
  •         Turquoise Zircon and Tanzanite are gifted to December babies for proper guidance and stability.

So keeping all the factors and importance in mind, Takar jewelry handcrafted a plethora of designs, which contains a mixture of spirituality and fashion.

Amethyst Ring

The main thing about this stone is the distinctive purple color. The spectacular color of this stone ranges from  deep violet and red combo to a lighter lilac hue. This ring features an Amethyst stone at the center, which makes the stone much more fashionable. This stone is particularly used for people, who are born in February. The Greeks and Romans used to believe that Amethyst wards off the intoxication and evil powers. For the beautiful color, the gemstone is widely accepted and also complements with stunning white gold.

Amethyst Ring

Peridot Pendant

Peridot is the stone for people who are born in August. This pendant comprises a serene round cut pristine Peridot. The Pistachio color and the radiance of the stone make it prestigious to wear. The Peridot solemnly stands for strength. The green Peridot crystal is believed to be found in volcanic ashes. The stone especially complements the shine of Gold and protects the wearer from nightmares.


peridot pendant


Ruby Engagement Ring 

Ruby is used for its incredible spark and color. It is called the stone of the queens. A fine red ruby bestows the wearer with good fortune, courage, passion, and emotion. Ruby is the stone for July birthdays. The fascinating Ruby is engraved in the center of this yellow gold ring and the round golden melee is giving the ruby a chance for exposure with the minimal metal allowance.


Ruby engagement ring


Citrine rope ring

The bright Citrine is the stone for November born. This ring has a design of a scorpion and in the middle it seems like it’s holding the full-cut Citrine with a clasp. The word Citrine is a French word which means “lemon.” In ancient times Citrine was a stone to be saved from snake venom and evil thoughts. Now the theory has turned and it is considered as the stone for success and prosperity and that is why it’s Merchants’ personal favorite.


citrine rope ring


Dolphin Topaz Pendant

Dolphins are considered lively and energetic animals. It depicts a happy-go-lucky personality. The pendant features the two kissing dolphins and in the middle it contains a heart shaped topaz stone. Topaz is generally blue, but pink topaz is also quite popular nowadays. The imperial Topaz is admired for the radiance and shine.


Dolphin topaz pendant


To conclude, mix and match fashion with your birthstone could be a go-to option for any occasion. Even if you consider the spiritual value, then your birthstone could be your shield forever and also it won’t be much harder for you to carry it in a style.

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Alphabet Pendants and Necklaces in Gold, Silver and Diamonds

You will be surprised to know that most of the time, jewelry buyers are unsatisfied with their necklace choices, primarily due to the lack of options. But, they don’t realize that it’s not about the unavailability of necklaces, it’s more about the lack of new ideas and buying similar necklaces again and again. 

If you are a fashion enthusiast, picking a unique necklace becomes much more critical, and diversifying your wardrobe with multiple varieties of options would certainly improve your fashion quotient and bring a sense of freshness to your lifestyle.

An alphabet necklace can be your ideal jewelry choice, owing to the boldness it brings to your glamour. You can customize the pendant based upon the initial of your name, nickname, surname, or your lucky charm. Besides, you can't go wrong choosing an initial necklace as a gift material on a special occasion, and your lady love would certainly appreciate your sense of fashion.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the significance of wearing a unique alphabet pendant and would also introduce our top four picks for your consideration.

Significance of Alphabet Pendant

Alphabet pendants have been a hot trend for quite some time now. A large number of people prefer gifting alphabet pendants to their dear ones, owing to their uniqueness. You would easily find a variety of initial necklaces without stretching your budget. Here are some key aspects that force buyers to opt for an initial necklace.

  • It Makes People Feel Special
  • Believe it or not, a well-crafted alphabet pendant always feels special. The wearer identifies that the necklace is specially designed keeping her in mind. Therefore, the initial necklace is becoming a prominent gift on special occasions like Valentine’s day, birthdays, marriage anniversary, and so on. 

  • They Come with Unique Design
  • From a design point of view, an initial necklace looks quite unique and complements each of your attire. Besides, you will get plenty of options to choose from. You can pick and choose the appropriate color, material, and font according to your choice within your budget. 

  • You Can Wear Them on All Occasions
  • The best part about initial necklaces is their versatility, and you can literally wear them anywhere. Be it an office party or formal affair, an initial alphabet pendant would shine on all occasions. Wearing an initial necklace would showcase your confidence and very soon, you will be termed as a fashion-forward person in your vicinity. 

    So, now let’s explore our four unique cursive initial necklaces that you must consider buying in the coming future.

    1. Initial "B" Diamond Letter Necklace in Solid Gold

    This handcrafted b initial necklace features the letter “B” in solid gold. As many as 18 round-shaped diamonds are embellished on the surface providing an incredible look to the pendant. The b necklace can be an ideal personalized gift that the wearer will cherish for a long period of time.


    B Initial Necklace


    2. Initial "T" Diamond Letter Necklace in Solid Gold

    Add this t initial necklace to your jewelry collection to emphasize your regular outfit on a special event. As the name suggests, the solid gold pendant comes with a “T” shape offers a rare combination of retro and modern look. The 10 round-shaped diamonds offer a fresh intrigue to the diamond necklace. This t necklace is available in three different color options, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

    t initial necklace

     3. Personalized Cursive-Style Letter "D" Initial Pendant/Necklace in Sterling Silver

    Wearing this letter d necklace would elevate your fashion quotient to a whole different level. The pendant comes with an incredible finish and can be great day-to-day wear. The sterling silver necklace seems coherent and elusive and brings an alluring charm to the wearer. The highly competitive pricing makes this pendant much more desirable.


    letter d necklace

    4. Initial "E" Cubic Zirconia Letter Necklace in Solid Gold

    This gorgeous letter e necklace comes with a solid gold “E” coupled with sparkling cubic zirconia stones. The Letter Necklace is full of richness and brings grandeur and pompousness to your personality. The handmade e necklace is manufactured in the US and can be your forever companion.


    "E" Cubic Zirconia Letter Necklace



    Now, it’s time to hear from you. Which necklace impresses you the most? And, are you planning to buy an initial necklace anytime soon? Let us know in the comment section below. To find more cursive initial necklaces, you can visit Takar Jewelry today.

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    The 5 Best Minimalist Jewelry Options for Your Girlfriend

    Gifting a personalized jewelry piece to your loved one on a special occasion would enrich the overall experience and make your special event truly remarkable. Your lady love will definitely appreciate your effort and would keep the jewelry close to her heart all the time. However, only a few people replicate the same in their lifestyle, and in return, they get the well-deserved reward for it. 

    It’s never too late to start off something righteous. If you have the willingness to be an exceptional partner, make a habit of gifting some personalized minimalist jewelry pieces to your sweetheart on special occasions.

    So, let's go through five such jewelry options that you should consider for your girlfriend. But, you should keep some basic points in mind while buying a special gift for an extra special individual.

    Things to Consider While Buying a Jewelry Gift for Your Girlfriend

    Knowing Her Choices

    Choosing the right jewelry piece involves no such mathematical formula; in fact, it’s subjective to individual choice. However, asking for her liking would certainly eliminate the surprise factor and showcase the fear of the unknown from your side. Therefore, knowing your lady and her preferences well is the key to make an appropriate choice.

    A Personalized Gift

    Firstly, personalized gifts like this Y necklace do work on most occasions. Your partner would embrace it, knowing the jewelry gift is built exclusively for her. However, your gift should not undermine the fashion quotient by any means. 

    In initial necklaces, the font plays an essential role to determine its overall look. Therefore, you must compare multiple font shapes, and go with the one that complements the necklace ergonomics.

    Y letter necklace

     Color Option

    It is a well-known fact that girls do have an inclination towards precious metals like gold. Many people aren't aware of the fact that gold comes with different color options, such as rose gold, white gold, and conventional yellow gold. So, you can offer a personalized touch to your gift by choosing the right color that suits her the most.


    You need to make sure that your lady could daily use your jewelry gift for an extended period. In such a scenario, you have the option to go with a lightweight and minimalist jewelry piece. From a fashion point of view, these ornaments look artistry and exquisite, and the chances of wear and tear are absolutely minimal.

    Choosing a Reliable Store

    You need to understand that jewelry is a long-term investment, and gifting an inferior piece of jewelry impacts your image and affects your credibility. As a result, you need to choose a reliable jewelry store like Takar Jewelry, having a fair track record in this jewelry making industry. 

    Of late, Takar Jewelry has evolved as an industry leader in Los Angeles and is known for offering remarkable craftsmanship. All of its products are handmade and come at an extremely competitive price point.

    So, now let’s have a look at some of the best gift options that you should consider buying.

    1. Dainty Solitaire CZ Rope Engagement Ring in Solid Rose Gold (Medium Size)

    The rose gold cz engagement rings can be an ideal gift to kick off a relationship. Be it an engagement, wedding, or your proposal day, this incredible piece of jewelry shines on all occasions. The rope-style band design coupled with a shining round-cut cubic zirconia stone and the solid rose gold color is a dream combination indeed. The handcrafted ring brings an alluring charm to the wearer.

    Rose gold cz engagement ring

    2. Dolphin Duo Open Heart-Shaped Citrine Pendant Necklace in Gold

    The gemstone citrine symbolizes the vitality of life and the brilliance of the sun. This solid gold citrine necklace carries an open heart shape with a couple of dolphins at the two sides and a gorgeous solitaire Genuine Citrine at the center. Its refine yet simple design, glorious sparkle, and solid form factor make this jewelry piece a desirable choice for all events. Pair this necklace with colorful attire for a complete look, which will influence many regardless of the occasion.

    Dolphin Duo Open Heart-Shaped Citrine Pendant Necklace in Gold

    3. Heraldic Cross Diamond Charm Pendant Necklace in Gold

    Gifting this vibrant diamond cross necklace on the anniversary would result in a peaceful and understanding relationship between the couple. The pendant features the iconic cross symbol and as many as five round-cut diamonds, ensuring an incredible view. The handcrafted pendant is an epitome of grace and elegance, and the radiant glow catches instant attention.

    Heraldic Cross Diamond Charm Pendant Necklace in Gold

    4. Heart Shape Face Dainty Signet Ring in Solid Gold

    Most people appreciate wearing a simple ring as daily wear. This gold signet ring comes with a minimalist design and features a highly polished heart at the center. The sensational ring will provide a distinct touch to your finger, and the vibrancy of this signet ring will certainly inspire your vicinity. Besides, you have the option to choose between the rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold color variants.

    Heart Shape Face Dainty Signet Ring in Solid Gold


    Now it’s time to hear from you. Have you ever gifted a jewelry piece to your loved ones? Any other jewelry you think we miss out on here? If yes, let us know in the comment section below. To check out more such amazing jewelry pieces, offer a visit to our official website.







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    Egyptian Gold Jewelry: Pendants and Necklaces

    In some ways, Egypt is considered to be the home of jewelry. The Ancient Egyptian civilization was one of the first where proper jewelry pieces made of gold were seen. Earlier, simple jewelry pieces made out of seashells, bones, and animal skins were popularized and worn by people. While the concept of jewelry existed, people simply did not have proper material available to make better pieces.

    That changed when the Egyptian civilization discovered various tools that could be used to shape and make jewelry out of harder, more durable substances. However, the one single discovery that changed the entire jewelry industry was that of gold. Over time, Egyptians discovered other gemstones and diamonds that could all be used in jewelry.

    Before this time, metals such as gold and silver had alternate uses among people. For example, both the metals were considered to have various medicinal benefits and were even used in utensils, in addition to wounds. For starters, the jewelry culture began among the luxurious, high class royalty who saw jewelry pieces as a means to differentiate them from the masses.

    Over time, a culture developed where jewelry pieces became a part of their culture, and was used to differentiate between various social classes. The royalty, the queens and their mistresses walked around wearing intricate gemstone decorated pendants and necklaces that have over thousands of years created their own particular style and niche in the industry.

    The high end royalty in Egypt appreciated luxurious items, and had a liking for intricate carved jewelry pieces. Here, they were more of an ‘identity’, a means to differentiate between various social classes, than an accessory, as we see in modern times. However, the one discovery which changed everything for the Egyptian jewelry industry was that of solid gold.

    It was the first time the metal was seen to have an exclusively aesthetic use, and began to be used by Egyptians for all sorts of jewelry pieces. This in turn led to a specific style of jewelry that still used designs and features that were seen in handmade pieces of earlier times. However, gold was basically non-tarnishable, had a sparkling brilliance about it, and was appreciated for its luxurious look.

    This in turn led to trends that are popular even today, although with various modern twists to the style that initially became popular in the Egyptian civilization. Even today, various Egyptian jewelry pieces, especially necklaces and pendants are extremely popular among people. These pieces have various old-fashioned features that first were discovered thousands of years ago.

    Solid Gold Hathor Egyptian Goddess Pendant Necklace

    Hathor is an influential Egyptian goddess. She is considered to be the goddess of sky, and the mother of Horus and Ra, who is the Egyptian Sun god. The piece itself features a creatively designed image of Hathor who is spreading her wings whilst on her knees.

    Egyptian goddess pendant necklace

    The Egyptian goddess pendant necklace is available in three color choices: Rose Gold, White Gold and Yellow gold, and has various traditional features coupled with a modern twist and a sparkling polished finish. As always the piece is made and manufactured in the USA, and is entirely handcrafted.

    Finding the right Egyptian goddess jewelry piece can be extremely difficult. This is because unlike the piece that you see above, most ‘Egyptian Jewelry’ pieces do not have the intricate style and specific features that were associated with traditionally authentic Egyptian jewelry pieces. This outright lack of choices means that people might have to look quite a lot to find the perfect jewelry piece.

    In lieu of that, we have another Egyptian jewelry pendant which is sure to impress people wherever you go.

    Gold Egyptian Cartouche Pendant Necklace

    The gold Egyptian Cartouche necklace features an old school Egyptian Cartouche tablet made out of solid gold. Cartouche tablets are an integral part of traditional Egyptian culture and often feature famous hieroglyphic images. These images were once seen in the oldest forms of handmade Egyptian jewelry, but have travelled through thousands of years of time, and can feature in pieces that belong to you!

    Further, as you can see below, the piece is available in a sterling silver setting as well. As always, each and every jewelry item that you see on the Takar Jewelry website uses 100% natural stones and other gemstones, and have been handcrafted with utmost care. Overall, these are some of the best Egyptian Jewelry pieces you will find on the internet.


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    3 Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings

    A Stunning Diamond Wedding Ring (for men)

    The tradition of men and women using rings to propose marriage to each other is one that dates back to more than six hundred years. It might as well be the most well preserved tradition that has probably gained even more popularity in the past two centuries or so.

    According to the American Gem Society, the first recorded instance of a diamond ring being used for a wedding proposal was when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria used one to propose to Mary of Burgundy. This one event sparked off a continent wide trend among the Aristocracy and other nobility. Of course, before this diamonds were seen as a valuable good and were used in other forms of jewelry.

    Nowadays, a wedding proposal for their loved one does not make sense to most without a diamond ring. Of course, while diamonds are popularly used both in engagement and wedding rings, choosing the perfect wedding ring is more difficult than choosing the former.

    This is because engagement rings are bought before a wedding ring. Further, as the two rings are often worn together, they should complement each other and be suitable for wearing together. Of course, the reason diamond rings are considered suitable for one’s proclamation of love is that diamonds have always been said to hold special significance.

    Traditionally, diamonds were seen as representations of strength and perfection. Further, it is associated with invincibility, courage and truth, all important aspects of every successful marriage. All these aspects, along with its physical features and transparent structure, are all reminders of qualities that every relationship needs, and is built on.

    This in turn has made diamonds the perfect symbol of love, and it is a trend that refuses to die down. Every year during the wedding season (April-June and September and October), thousands of couples buy diamond rings to officially convey their love for each other, and the same has been observed despite the recent pandemic-affected months.

    Regardless, the high number of choices that exist today, along with the details that you need to sort out makes the task of picking out the perfect ring even more difficult. However, in order to help you, we have listed out a stunning wedding ring which is highly versatile and is more suitable for men.

    It is no secret that women have an insanely high number of choices when it comes to diamond wedding rings. One on hand, while there are only a few designs available for men, women have around half a dozen different cut-styles and further designs in each category.

    There are a high number of available customizations, along with multiple colors options. To make the job easier for men, we have picked out what we think is currently the best diamond wedding ring that you can buy, for men.

    Men's 6-Stone Diamond Wedding Ring

    The jewelry industry is predominantly women-driven, and most designs that you see online are made keeping them in mind. Regardless, this curved diamond wedding ring with a line of six engraved diamonds and a simple timeless design is perfectly suited for men.

    sterling silver wedding ring

    The ring is not overtly shiny or glossy, and has a subtle presence in spite of its large design. The ring is not the most suitable for stacking, and has a remarkable presence of its own. Its overall subtle beauty and ability to get noticed makes it quite the perfect Diamond wedding ring.

    What’s more, the ring is available in multiple options. The 14 karat white gold wedding ring has a glossy edge which makes it look sharper and brighter than the Sterling silver variant. Further, for men who do not like shiny or ‘tacky’ wedding rings, the ring is always available in the subtler Rose Gold color option.

    rose gold pink diamond wedding ring

    All the products are 100% handcrafted, and use the best quality gemstones. Further, the rings shown above are hand polished, which gives them an added sheen. At Takar Jewelry, all of our products are Made in America, and we take great pride in the quality and overall beauty of each and every product that we handcraft. Finally, you can also check out the yellow gold variant of the product.

    2mm diamond wedding band



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    5 looks that compliment your jewelry

    5 Looks that compliment your jewelry


    While the variety of designs and types available in designer jewelry is vast, a lot of men and women struggle to find the right kind of outfits and styles that can accentuate and improve the visual impact of the pieces they wear. This leads to the under-use of jewelry and the notion that most pieces are only fit for certain occasions and times.

    How to wear jewelry?

    There is no denying the fact that particular occasions and clothes are more suitable for wearing jewelry, there are certain things that can be done in order to make the entire look better. The kind of look and clothes that you wear for different places is also different, and the same logic applies to jewelry as well. While certain pieces will only be suitable for casual and semi-casual attire, many might go brilliantly with your workplace clothes.

    In this article, we will go over five different kinds of looks that should be sufficient for you to pick out the right piece and clothing for all occasions:

    The workplace look

    First and foremost, it is an obvious fact that workplaces are not suitable for wearing heavy or multiple pieces of jewelry. While most offices do not have a dress code that governs the kind of jewelry employees can wear, wearing bold or multiple pieces will more often than not be frowned upon, and therefore should be avoided.

    stethoscope pendant

    Further, you will not want to wear dangling pendants and necklaces or bracelets with elaborate designs, as that can also be seen as unprofessional. In office situations, it is better to go with subtle pieces such as stud earrings or a diamond ring or two. Anything more than that might transform the entire look for the worse!

    Hence, for workplaces, we recommend a minimalistic approach to give you an overall professional business-like look.

    The casual look

    Most designer jewelry with their bold intrinsic designs is perfect for casual wear. It is the party that you are invited to, or the date that you have on the weekend, when you can be bold and free with the pieces that you wear. Here, wearing multiple pieces to create a unique look, and using bold colors that stand out is highly recommended.

    stackable diamond rings yellow gold

    This means that you can try big colorful pieces such as jewel-laden pendants and earrings or elaborate gold yellow bracelets and necklaces! Blending the right jewelry for your chosen attire can go a long way in brightening up your entire personality, and people are more likely to remember and notice you, especially in crowds.

    Further, the variety in the types of designer jewelry available means that in casual situations you can also experiment with different kinds of pieces, such as anklets, toe rings and multiple studs. However, if you choose to wear multiple pieces, you should ensure that they are complementary and proportional with respect to size and color.

    The idea is to wear contrasting colors that complement the overall feel of the jewelry that you want to wear. While experimentation is encouraged, you should know the difference between a good look and one that is simply an overkill!

    For formal and semi-formal settings

    Apart from the two above kinds of looks that you need to think about, there is a third distinct category of occasions when you might want to stand out without attracting too much attention or wearing too many pieces. These occasions can be your friend’s wedding, or a formal workplace dinner.

    In these situations, while the aim is to create a memorable look that is noticed by people, you should consider going with simple, bold pieces that have the ability to stand out without making a person think that you particularly dressed up for the occasion. This is true for weddings in the sense that you wouldn’t want a look that takes away attention from the bride, or any such occasion where you want to be noticed without particularly standing out.

    signet ring rope

    Over here, the idea is to not wear too many pieces and colors, but just enough to be perfectly complimentary to your attire and give you a simple, bold look. A workplace-related commitment, or a formal dinner is perfect for such looks.

    The minimalistic look

    The minimalistic approach towards jewelry has taken off, in the last few months. Minimalistic pieces, or pieces that are “barely there” are simple yet stylish jewelry pieces with unique styles that are made to stand out without taking up too much visual space, in a look. They have simple lines and engravings with less colors and distinct discreteness that requires a person’s close attention to decode its entire essence.

    Minimalism is an approach which started out as a way of living, or existing, a state of mind where one does not require too many materialistic things to be happy and at ease with his surroundings. In much the same way, minimalistic jewelry has an aura of calmness which people relate with confidence and boldness. Today, you can easily find minimalistic earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and various other types of minimalistic jewelry on any of the many jewelry websites on the internet. You don’t need to worry, and should remember that most people nowadays buy their jewelry online!

    hammered band ring

    Further, because of their simple designs, minimalistic jewelry is highly customizable, and often has space for engravings of initials and other customizations that you might want! Further, one should be careful about not wearing too many such pieces at once, because that can take away the very essence of the jewelry, and give you a cluttered look that will not do you a lot of favors, no matter what kind of occasion it is. If pulled off properly, minimalistic jewelry is fit for all kinds of occasions and places.

    The custom look

    At the end of the day, the kind of jewelry that you wear should be as close a reflection of you as a person, and it is your tastes that should define the jewelry that you wear. This helps in making you feel comfortable with your look, and also gives you a look which is more honest and true. It is the kind of person you want the world to see, which should define the kind of jewelry that you.

    w initial necklace

    Nowadays, there are various different kinds of customizations that you can make in your jewelry, such as text and photo-engravings, charms, and other kinds of personal messages or stories. There are various types of statement jewelry that can be worn in accordance to your personal preferences.

    Going with custom pieces gives you a distinct presence which is reflected in your jewelry, and people are more likely to remember your look and personality. Custom jewelry is very popular nowadays, as people look to buy pieces that are truly special and unique.

    At Takar jewelry, we have a wide variety of customized jewelry, such as initial pendants and earrings, and custom engagement rings. These pieces are made in America using the best and 100% natural stones and metals, and every piece that we create is handmade and therefore truly unique, just like every person on this planet. These pieces are not just beautiful; they are a true reflection of you, too!

    As a bonus, below we have given answers to certain common color-based questions that people might have, about specific types of jewelry.

    What color clothing looks best with rose gold jewelry?

    When you look for matching jewelry for your clothes, it is the color, style and whether the tone of the piece is complementary with the clothes that must be seen to make the correct decision. For rose gold jewelry, wearing darker shades is recommended. Rose gold jewelry is suitable for light colors too, but not if the clothing is too bright, or bold. Rose gold jewelry is more suitable for a subtle look.

    What color clothing looks best with silver jewelry?

    The reason silver jewelry is so extremely popular has got much to do with its versatility. Silver jewelry can be worn with all sorts of clothes and other jewelry, regardless of color or style. Further, wearing different types of silver jewelry can also give you a keen, confident look.

    Silver jewelry is also particularly suitable for formal and semi-formal occasions, like dinners and the workplaces! One final recommendation that we would make is the aquamarine pendant necklace, which has also gained immense popularity over recent months. You can see it in the picture below:


    aquamarine pendant necklace

    In conclusion, the kind of jewelry that you wear speaks a lot about the kind of person you are, and choosing the right look will go a long way in giving you the faith and confidence in the jewelry you wear!

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    Best jewelry gift ideas for her

    No matter the occasion or kind of relationship, gifting women jewelry is hands down a no brainer. However, with the wide variety of jewelry types and designs available in the market, choosing the perfect gift can often become a difficult task. Further, various customizations can be used to make the gift more personalized, and therefore special. In this article, we will look at the best jewelry gifts for her’ the woman you want to make feel special.

    Birthstone pendant necklaces: While pendants and necklaces of all types are extremely popular amongst women, birthstone necklaces have seen a recent increase in popularity. The reasons are many. Personalized birthstones that signify the zodiac sign of the gift receiver, as well as other specific customizations such as name and initial engravings, make the necklace a one of a kind piece specifically made for one individual.

    peridot pendant gold

    Further, various gemstones are traditionally considered to hold special meaning, such as emeralds are said to represent mercy and compassion, whereas rubies are seen as symbols of loyalty and love. Additionally, the high range of variety available in designs and shapes means that finding the perfect gift reflective of the personality of the receiver is an easy task, nowadays.

    Earrings: When it comes to finding jewelry gifts girlfriends will love, earrings are one of the safest choices. An impressive pair of diamond or gold earrings has the versatility and individual brilliance that allows it to be worn with all sorts of attires and jewelry. Most designer jewelry options are somewhat unfit for everyday use, but with a sleek pair of earrings one can never go wrong!

    Solitaire Asscher-Cut CZ Stud Earrings

    At Takar jewelry, we have a wide range of traditional Asscher-cut and birthstone stud earrings that have unique one of a kind designs and multiple customizations and size options. Further, we only sell handcrafted products and use the best quality of stones and gemstones in our designs.

    Opal jewelry: Another recently popular gift option for women is opal jewelry. Opals have traditionally been associated with love and passionate eroticism, and are the perfect gift options for your partner for any occasion. Further, opals act as emotional stabilizers and are used in different kinds of jewelry options, such as necklaces, pendants, and rings.

    Opal Gemstone Libra Zodiac Rope Ring

    Opals are one of the most beautiful gemstones available in the market today, and are perfect for women who love jewelry that stands out on its own. Opal jewelry is suitable for every occasion, and one does not need to wait for a special day to gift his partner an opal ring or a necklace.

    If those reasons are not enough, opal rings and necklaces come in a variety of designs and shapes, such as the Turtle ring or the cross ring.

    Statement rope rings: As far as jewelry gifts for women are concerned, statement rope rings are one of the boldest options available. They are larger than normal fashion rings that generally feature an oversized gem or gold motif.

    rose gold rope ring

    Needless to say, the aesthetics of the statement rings allow for an extraordinarily high number of designs and sizes, and they generally feature a message or a story through bold designs or accentuated features.

    yellow gold rope ring

    Due to the variety, statement rings make for impressive gifts for all kinds of relationships, and there are specific designs available for mothers, daughters and friends.

    In acknowledgment of how difficult a task it can be to find the perfect gift, statement rings are surely an option worth considering.

    Heart-shaped pendant necklace: Heart-shaped pendant necklaces are also timeless gifts that can be given on any occasion and in any relationship. There is a variety of available designs and might have diamonds or other specific gemstones attached.

    Heart-shaped pendant necklaces add a new depth and creativity to the overall look. They are usually only worn with casual and semi-formal attire, and are highly valued gifts because of the special meaning attached.

    june birthstone pendant

    Charm pendants are one of the most popular types of jewelry of the past decade, and have emerged as a popular trend that looks set to continue, especially because of the innumerable new designs and styles that seem to come up on a weekly basis, almost.


    These are the new trendy gift ideas, with plenty of possible customizations that make them suitable for all kinds of relationships and occasions. Further, at the end of the day, what matters most is not the type of jewelry that you choose, but the special meaning and aesthetic features of the individual piece.

    Finally, it might be that the woman you want to surprise has entirely unique preferences when it comes to jewelry, and therefore it is of paramount importance to think about the gift keeping her personality in mind. That is what decides the suitability of every gift, at the end of the day.

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