4 Inexpensive Yet Elegant Jewelry Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Occasional gifting of something enticing to your loved one will strengthen the relationship over time. By presenting an alluring gift of her choice, you can showcase the importance she carries in your life.

More than anything else, a gift has always been considered as an act of self-gratification, and at the end of the day, you will feel extremely proud of the initiative and effort you have made to bring a smile on her face.

 When Should You Present a Gift?

For those who are still puzzled about choosing an ideal occasion, here is something you should check out. 

You don’t need any specific day to present something special to her. Each passing day in a relationship has its own significance and deserves celebration. In fact, it is a surprise gift, which works far better than a predictable anniversary or birthday gift. A delicate surprise gift also leaves a long-lasting impact on her and always remains close to her heart.

 A gift is always a gift, irrespective of its nature, your lady is going to appreciate it every time. For her, it is your love and affection behind presenting the gift that matters the most. However, presenting something meaningful would certainly increase the utility of your gift, and she can take advantage of its benefits.

 Is Jewelry a Good Gift?

With just a little research, you will come across a number of potential gift options, but nothing would satisfy women more than a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Over the years, popular jewelry pieces like bracelets, earrings, chains have been referred to as the perfect present to ladies out there, owing to the rare combination of practicality and the fashion quotient that it brings to the table.

However, the high price tag of jewelry products seems to prevent a large number of potential buyers. It is not possible for an individual to go with the best-in-class jewelry option, paying a hefty amount, multiple times a year.

Therefore, a significant chunk of the potential buyers prefers to compromise their preference and go with some less appealing gift materials.

But to your surprise, Takar Jewelry  is offering several incredible jewelry options to gift your girlfriend without breaking your bank. So now, by paying a reasonable price, you can buy the jewelry of your choice without compromising the quality aspect.

So, here are our top 4 budget jewelry choices that would satisfy the glamour quotient of literally anyone.

Marquise-Shaped Genuine Ruby and White Topaz Engagement/Promise Ring in White Gold

Bewitch your girlfriend by gifting this modern-looking white topaz engagement ring today. As its name suggests, you can present this personalized  white gold diamond promise ring at the beginning of your relationship as a symbol of a promise to stay together against every possible odds. 

The Marquise-shaped genuine Ruby stone engraved at the center and a couple of round-shaped white Topaz at the two sides look brilliant. Pairing this unique promise ring with contemporary attire, she can include an additional layer of charm to her charismatic personality.

The polished interior offers a great level of comfort and makes this ring a suitable option for everyday use.

white gold diamond promise ring
Oval Lab Created Ruby Gemstone Ring In Sterling Silver

This blood red gemstone ring comes with a timeless design featuring an oval-shaped lab-created Ruby stone at the center and 2 white Topaz at the two lateral sides. The bold blood-red color of the stone attracts a lot of attention even in a crowded party and brings some well-crafted appreciation for her sense of fashion. 

Ruby symbolizes purity, nobility, and passion. By wearing this ring on her ring finger, your girlfriend would inculcate some of these values into her personality. This lovely sterling silver ruby gemstone ring certainly deserves a place in her wardrobe.


blood red gemstone ring 


Claddagh Diamond & July Birthstone Heart Necklace in Solid Sterling Silver

Spiritually, Ruby, the birthstone of July-born people, is considered a source of energy and fills the wearers’ body with positivity. The stone also features a lot of symbolic religious significance.

The classic combination of this sparkling pendant and chain looks eye-pleasing. 

This designer-inspired July Birthstone Heart Necklace comes with a heart-shaped Ruby stone coupled with as many as 12 twinkling diamonds. She can either combine this vibrant Claddagh Diamond Heart Necklace with other necklaces or prefer to wear it alone.

                                                  Claddagh Diamond Heart Necklace

Butterfly Genuine Ruby & White Cubic Zirconia Winged Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

Celebrate the best moments of your relationship by presenting this beautiful diamond butterfly pendant to your partner. The red and white marquise-shaped cubic zirconia wings emphasize her regular outfit making this sterling silver butterfly pendant, a desirable choice to wear on any occasion. The four cubic zirconia stones exude an enormous amount of brightness that would be hard for anyone to ignore. 

Wearing this stunning necklace on the beach pairing with colorful attire would be a lot of fun.

                                                 diamond butterfly pendant                  


Now it’s time for you to speak. Which of the budget jewelry products mentioned above did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

To find more such wonderful jewelry options, check out Takar Jewelry today.




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