5 Most Popular Ancient Symbol Jewelry

5 Most Popular Ancient Symbol Jewelry

Mohammad Barkati

Ancient symbols have their own significance even in today’s civilization. You will find multiple symbols that are quite famous all around the globe. Carrying them every time in the form of jewelry certainly has a positive impact on your overall lifestyle.

Upon observing these ancient symbols carefully, you will be surprised to find all of them, be it Egyptian, Greek, or any other civilizations that matter, are extraordinarily symmetric yet eye-catching.  

This article will discuss five such jewelry options carrying ancient symbols, which can be a great choice for you in 2021.

  • Pentagram Pendant

  • Being the symbol of faith, the pentagram never fails to inspire you on the mental, spiritual, and emotional levels. The five points of the pentagram represent air, fire, earth, water, and spirit respectively.

    This pentagram jewelry features five sparkling cubic zirconia stones on each corner. The combination of solid gold and cubic zirconia forms an incredible pair, which will easily capture the attention of your vicinity. The rope-shaped circle provides a sense of freshness to the design aesthetics of this necklace. 

    The pentagram necklace is available in three different color options, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

    pentagram jewelry

    For those who are aspiring to carry the symbol of universal brotherhood, this pentagrams jewelry can be a perfect choice. The pendant features multiple religious symbols and delivers the message of harmony and peaceful coexistence. The pentagram necklace made in sterling silver is extremely durable and ideal for your daily use purpose.

    pentagrams jewelry
  • Solid Gold Ohm Ring with Double Rope Band

  • If you are looking for a jewelry piece featuring some ancient symbols having religious importance with a unique look and solid form factor, here is the deal for you. This ohm band would certainly address all your requirements with absolute ease.

    The symbol of ‘ohm’ is often regarded as one of the oldest holy symbols in ancient culture. Ohm is nothing but the sound of the universe and unifies whatever is present within it.

    Purely from a fashion point of view, this solid gold ohm ring looks incredible. The delicate double rope band brings a rare fusion of modern and traditional art forms. The symbol of ohm itself looks quite bold and by wearing this ring, you can improve your existing sense of fashion.

    The ohm band comes with three metal options: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

    ohm ring
  • Dainty Caduceus Medical Symbol Charm Pendant Necklace in Solid Gold

  • If you are willing to showcase your support to doctors in this pandemic period, consider wearing this caduceus pendant necklace. By adding this contemporary-looking
    medical caduceus jewelry featuring the caduceus staff of Hermes, you can show your gratitude to the doctors’ community and celebrate their contribution to our society.

    You can match this necklace with traditional attire for the best possible look. The necklace is available in three different colors, such as white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

    medical caduceus jewelry
  • Gold Egyptian Cartouche Pendant Necklace
    This egyptian cartouche necklace is a fine piece of jewelry that would unquestionably improve your appetite for fashion. The rectangle-shaped Egyptian Cartouche Tablet necklace comes with multiple popular hieroglyphic images adding a touch of shimmer to your overall dressing sense.

    The trendy look coupled with spectacular visual uniqueness makes this necklace truly unique. This egyptian gold pendant necklace is available in 10k and 14k gold options with rose gold, white gold, and traditional yellow gold color variants.

    egyptian cartouche necklace


  • Ankh Key of Life Ring in Solid Gold
    You must have heard about ankh jewelry rings at least once. The symbol appears multiple times in the ancient Egyptian arts and is known as the symbol of life. Even in the contemporary world, ankh rings and necklaces are quite famous and universally acknowledged.

    The highly polished ring is the epitome of grace and elegance. Its highly polished interior will offer a soothing finish to your finger, without compromising your glamour quotient.

    This solid gold ankh key of life ring is available in three different metal options, such as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

    ankh jewelry rings

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    Ancient jewelry brings a whole different charm altogether. By embracing a vintage jewelry piece depicting an ancient symbol, you very well enhance your existing fashion quotient. 

    Which of the ancient jewelry mentioned above impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.