Gold, Diamond and Sterling Silver Initial Jewelry for Your Daughter’s Birthday

For ages, people have tried to express their perspectives through jewelry designs. Personalized initial necklaces are currently considered as the favorites for fashion maniacs, and also these pieces of jewelry are one of the stylish,  creative, and convenient ways to use monograms. It's a bit difficult to find the origin of using monograms to embellish jewelry, but some jewelry enthusiasts believe that it might be a trend back in the 14th or 15th century. 

Today we see this revival trend decoratively, but back in Roman culture engraving hands, coins, jewelry with the ruler's initials, and monogramming was an integral part of their identification.  Also in Greek civilization archaeologists have found the same kind of coins, with the ruler's initial, which helped the historians depict that era. 

The word "monogram" is derived from the Greek dictionary; "mono" means solo and "gram" means letters. Earlier these monograms consisted of two letters, but in the Victorian era, the traditional monogram was made of three letters. Then eventually with change and adaptations, people started engraving these monogram signs on the body adornments and that's how we got the trend of personalization or customization. No matter if it's a birthday, anniversary, proposal, marriage, or even a date, personalized jewelry will leave a huge impact on the wearer. Even now you have the option to choose your favorite style, fonts, color, metals, gems, texts, numbers, calligraphy, or even abstract art. 

The basic form of personalizing jewelry lies in engraving your name's initial. This is not just a name or just a part of identity; it's a proud proclamation to be yourself, it's a tribute to your parents who gave you the name and the power to live on. This personalized jewelry is a way to blend your identity with your daily attire and also it is a very productive way to brand yourself. 

Top Hollywood A-listed celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Marica Cross have also been seen using initial jewelry, as a part of their daily style statement. That makes it pretty for all of us that gifting or buying initial jewelry can bring twists and turns in your regular jewelry boxes. That is the reason we thought this 2021, let's make this initial jewelry a part of all the birthday gifts. 

Frankly speaking, today's young generation is obsessed with initial pendants and necklaces. Their confidence level raises when they adorn their bodies with their initials.  In case of your daughter's birthday you can gift her an initial pendant to express the way you feel for her, or maybe to make her realize how important she is for you. But your message should be hidden in the form of design, style, choosing metals, gems, or even fonts. Also, you can change your styles like if your daughter is a spiritual person you can go customized pendants with initials and divine motifs like hamsa hand, cross, or maybe an Angel Wing. 

In Takar Jewelry we have sorted out some of the beautiful, stylish, and modern initial jewelry, from our assorted collection, which you can use to mesmerize your daughter on her special day. 

Z Necklace

The z necklace obviously identifies the last alphabet of the whole series. This cursive initial necklace is for people whose name starts with the “Z” alphabet. This z initial necklace talks about goal-oriented people who have great leadership qualities. People whose name starts with Z tend to take practical decisions in life, more than EQ they get carried away with their IQ. This z pendant necklace is available in all  three colors i.e. white, yellow, and rose gold.

z necklace

14k Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

The characteristics of people, whose names start with a “C” are creative, confident, and courageous. They attract people with their optimistic takes about life, also they are social enthusiasts. This 14k gold initial pendant necklace is explicating immense amounts of spark. This diamond letter c necklace is also engraved with round cut white diamonds, and available in white, yellow, and rose gold.

14k Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

Personalized Initial Stud Earrings 

These lovely personalized initial stud earrings if your daughter's name starts with M. These initial diamond stud earrings feature the letter made with 10k gold and engraved with several round cut diamonds. People whose names start with the letter “M” are very hardworking, loyal, security-conscious, also they are always focused on life. 

Personalized Initial Stud Earrings

S Initial Pendant Necklace

This s initial pendant necklace features the shape of the initial “S '', that is embedded with beaming round cut cubic zirconias. People whose names start with S are very lovable and loyal, but they hesitate when it comes to expressing their feelings. They are pretty sympathetic by nature and extremely charming. This white gold initial necklace is also available in yellow and rose gold.

S Initial Pendant Necklace

Initial N Dog Tag Pendant

You can opt for this divine initial N Dog Tag Pendant if your daughter is fashionable and always tries to establish a connection with unique jewelry pieces, this can

Initial N Dog Tag Pendant

be an ideal gift for her. This N initial pendant features the letter engraved in the middle of this sterling silver pendant. People whose name starts with N, have a knack for writing, also, they always like to make their image different from others. 


Letter A Initial Pendant 

This letter A initial pendant features the letter A that is embedded with brilliant cubic zirconia stones, and it also comes with a dainty solid gold chain. People whose name starts with the letter A are entrepreneurial, adventurous and love to look bold. This letter A initial pendant is available in white, yellow, and rose gold. 

A Initial Pendant

If you are looking for any other initial pendants we have a versatile range of collections for all the alphabets from our assorted initial collection from our online store at Takar Jewelry.

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