The 5 Best Minimalist Jewelry Options for Your Girlfriend

The 5 Best Minimalist Jewelry Options for Your Girlfriend

Mohammad Barkati

Gifting a personalized jewelry piece to your loved one on a special occasion would enrich the overall experience and make your special event truly remarkable. Your lady love will definitely appreciate your effort and would keep the jewelry close to her heart all the time. However, only a few people replicate the same in their lifestyle, and in return, they get the well-deserved reward for it. 

It’s never too late to start off something righteous. If you have the willingness to be an exceptional partner, make a habit of gifting some personalized minimalist jewelry pieces to your sweetheart on special occasions.

So, let's go through five such jewelry options that you should consider for your girlfriend. But, you should keep some basic points in mind while buying a special gift for an extra special individual.

Things to Consider While Buying a Jewelry Gift for Your Girlfriend

Knowing Her Choices

Choosing the right jewelry piece involves no such mathematical formula; in fact, it’s subjective to individual choice. However, asking for her liking would certainly eliminate the surprise factor and showcase the fear of the unknown from your side. Therefore, knowing your lady and her preferences well is the key to make an appropriate choice.

A Personalized Gift

Firstly, personalized gifts like this Y necklace do work on most occasions. Your partner would embrace it, knowing the jewelry gift is built exclusively for her. However, your gift should not undermine the fashion quotient by any means. 

In initial necklaces, the font plays an essential role to determine its overall look. Therefore, you must compare multiple font shapes, and go with the one that complements the necklace ergonomics.

Y letter necklace

 Color Option

It is a well-known fact that girls do have an inclination towards precious metals like gold. Many people aren't aware of the fact that gold comes with different color options, such as rose gold, white gold, and conventional yellow gold. So, you can offer a personalized touch to your gift by choosing the right color that suits her the most.


You need to make sure that your lady could daily use your jewelry gift for an extended period. In such a scenario, you have the option to go with a lightweight and minimalist jewelry piece. From a fashion point of view, these ornaments look artistry and exquisite, and the chances of wear and tear are absolutely minimal.

Choosing a Reliable Store

You need to understand that jewelry is a long-term investment, and gifting an inferior piece of jewelry impacts your image and affects your credibility. As a result, you need to choose a reliable jewelry store like Takar Jewelry, having a fair track record in this jewelry making industry. 

Of late, Takar Jewelry has evolved as an industry leader in Los Angeles and is known for offering remarkable craftsmanship. All of its products are handmade and come at an extremely competitive price point.

So, now let’s have a look at some of the best gift options that you should consider buying.

1. Dainty Solitaire CZ Rope Engagement Ring in Solid Rose Gold (Medium Size)

The rose gold cz engagement rings can be an ideal gift to kick off a relationship. Be it an engagement, wedding, or your proposal day, this incredible piece of jewelry shines on all occasions. The rope-style band design coupled with a shining round-cut cubic zirconia stone and the solid rose gold color is a dream combination indeed. The handcrafted ring brings an alluring charm to the wearer.

Rose gold cz engagement ring

2. Dolphin Duo Open Heart-Shaped Citrine Pendant Necklace in Gold

The gemstone citrine symbolizes the vitality of life and the brilliance of the sun. This solid gold citrine necklace carries an open heart shape with a couple of dolphins at the two sides and a gorgeous solitaire Genuine Citrine at the center. Its refine yet simple design, glorious sparkle, and solid form factor make this jewelry piece a desirable choice for all events. Pair this necklace with colorful attire for a complete look, which will influence many regardless of the occasion.

Dolphin Duo Open Heart-Shaped Citrine Pendant Necklace in Gold

3. Heraldic Cross Diamond Charm Pendant Necklace in Gold

Gifting this vibrant diamond cross necklace on the anniversary would result in a peaceful and understanding relationship between the couple. The pendant features the iconic cross symbol and as many as five round-cut diamonds, ensuring an incredible view. The handcrafted pendant is an epitome of grace and elegance, and the radiant glow catches instant attention.

Heraldic Cross Diamond Charm Pendant Necklace in Gold

4. Heart Shape Face Dainty Signet Ring in Solid Gold

Most people appreciate wearing a simple ring as daily wear. This gold signet ring comes with a minimalist design and features a highly polished heart at the center. The sensational ring will provide a distinct touch to your finger, and the vibrancy of this signet ring will certainly inspire your vicinity. Besides, you have the option to choose between the rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold color variants.

Heart Shape Face Dainty Signet Ring in Solid Gold


Now it’s time to hear from you. Have you ever gifted a jewelry piece to your loved ones? Any other jewelry you think we miss out on here? If yes, let us know in the comment section below. To check out more such amazing jewelry pieces, offer a visit to our official website.