Alphabet Pendants and Necklaces in Gold, Silver and Diamonds

Alphabet Pendants and Necklaces in Gold, Silver and Diamonds

Mohammad Barkati

You will be surprised to know that most of the time, jewelry buyers are unsatisfied with their necklace choices, primarily due to the lack of options. But, they don’t realize that it’s not about the unavailability of necklaces, it’s more about the lack of new ideas and buying similar necklaces again and again. 

If you are a fashion enthusiast, picking a unique necklace becomes much more critical, and diversifying your wardrobe with multiple varieties of options would certainly improve your fashion quotient and bring a sense of freshness to your lifestyle.

An alphabet necklace can be your ideal jewelry choice, owing to the boldness it brings to your glamour. You can customize the pendant based upon the initial of your name, nickname, surname, or your lucky charm. Besides, you can't go wrong choosing an initial necklace as a gift material on a special occasion, and your lady love would certainly appreciate your sense of fashion.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the significance of wearing a unique alphabet pendant and would also introduce our top four picks for your consideration.

Significance of Alphabet Pendant

Alphabet pendants have been a hot trend for quite some time now. A large number of people prefer gifting alphabet pendants to their dear ones, owing to their uniqueness. You would easily find a variety of initial necklaces without stretching your budget. Here are some key aspects that force buyers to opt for an initial necklace.

  • It Makes People Feel Special
  • Believe it or not, a well-crafted alphabet pendant always feels special. The wearer identifies that the necklace is specially designed keeping her in mind. Therefore, the initial necklace is becoming a prominent gift on special occasions like Valentine’s day, birthdays, marriage anniversary, and so on. 

  • They Come with Unique Design
  • From a design point of view, an initial necklace looks quite unique and complements each of your attire. Besides, you will get plenty of options to choose from. You can pick and choose the appropriate color, material, and font according to your choice within your budget. 

  • You Can Wear Them on All Occasions
  • The best part about initial necklaces is their versatility, and you can literally wear them anywhere. Be it an office party or formal affair, an initial alphabet pendant would shine on all occasions. Wearing an initial necklace would showcase your confidence and very soon, you will be termed as a fashion-forward person in your vicinity. 

    So, now let’s explore our four unique cursive initial necklaces that you must consider buying in the coming future.

    1. Initial "B" Diamond Letter Necklace in Solid Gold

    This handcrafted b initial necklace features the letter “B” in solid gold. As many as 18 round-shaped diamonds are embellished on the surface providing an incredible look to the pendant. The b necklace can be an ideal personalized gift that the wearer will cherish for a long period of time.


    B Initial Necklace


    2. Initial "T" Diamond Letter Necklace in Solid Gold

    Add this t initial necklace to your jewelry collection to emphasize your regular outfit on a special event. As the name suggests, the solid gold pendant comes with a “T” shape offers a rare combination of retro and modern look. The 10 round-shaped diamonds offer a fresh intrigue to the diamond necklace. This t necklace is available in three different color options, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

    t initial necklace

     3. Personalized Cursive-Style Letter "D" Initial Pendant/Necklace in Sterling Silver

    Wearing this letter d necklace would elevate your fashion quotient to a whole different level. The pendant comes with an incredible finish and can be great day-to-day wear. The sterling silver necklace seems coherent and elusive and brings an alluring charm to the wearer. The highly competitive pricing makes this pendant much more desirable.


    letter d necklace

    4. Initial "E" Cubic Zirconia Letter Necklace in Solid Gold

    This gorgeous letter e necklace comes with a solid gold “E” coupled with sparkling cubic zirconia stones. The Letter Necklace is full of richness and brings grandeur and pompousness to your personality. The handmade e necklace is manufactured in the US and can be your forever companion.


    "E" Cubic Zirconia Letter Necklace



    Now, it’s time to hear from you. Which necklace impresses you the most? And, are you planning to buy an initial necklace anytime soon? Let us know in the comment section below. To find more cursive initial necklaces, you can visit Takar Jewelry today.