Top 5 Birthstone Jewelry for Special Occasion

Top 5 Birthstone Jewelry for Special Occasion

Mohammad Barkati

The vogue of wearing Birthstone jewelry is not a new trend. Generally when a kid is born, they are assigned a particular stone, based off of their birth month, to bring health, wealth, and prosperity. It is pretty evident here that the zodiac wheel, horoscopes, and positions of birth planets play an integral part in choosing the perfect stone.

Birthstones are a type of gemstone with some historical and spiritual significance. The birthstones are actually decided through the behaviors of an individual. So the colorful stones are not only for religious belief but also if you try to incorporate the persona in a daily fashion, then why not go for these amazing vibrant gemstones?

Since the inception of human society, people have found several ways to overcome  obstacles. Be it surviving physically or mentally, Darwin’s theory of “Survival for the Fittest” was apt for ancient times too. So after trying so hard to resolve earthly complications, humans took the recourse of stars and stones. They strongly believed that with an utterance of some magical words, the stones can turn into a miraculous object.

Traditionally for every birth month, there is a single gemstone, but exceptions do happen. Sometimes there are multiple gemstones for a single month. As society rides on the wheels of change, the theory of birthstone detection is also not an exception. Not necessarily what has happened in the ancient era should be followed till now, because as we know “change is the only constant.”

At that time, the color of the stones was way more important than fashion. They never asked for proper certification nor they used to judge the stones. For example: earlier it was not a well-known fact that Ruby and Garnet were different stones, with distinctive significance. So now before inculcating our birthstone to fashion, let’s take a short detour and know about the perfect stones for particular months.

  •         Garnet is the birthstone for January babies. It is gifted to symbolize trust and friendship.
  •         February babies, their birthstone is the Amethyst; Greeks believe it helps you maintain a balanced mindset.
  • For those who are born in March, Aquamarine is the perfect stone for you, which stands for hope, health and youth.
  •         April babies are always loyal and high-maintained; so their birthstone should be the prestigious diamond.
  •         The vivid Emerald radiates the power of love and compassion and it is especially crafted for people born in May.
  •         June birthdays claim Pearls and Alexandrite, which mainly works to calm the hyper mind.
  •         The fascinating ruby is for July born and it indicates health and wisdom.
  •         Peridot and Spinel are the signature stones for people born in August, which instills power and confidence in the wearer.
  •         Any September birthday calls for blue Sapphire, which protects you from any kind of harm.
  •         Tourmaline and mystic Opal are the October birthstones, which stand for healing, love and compassion.
  •         Both the November stones Citrine and Topaz are associated with calming minds.
  •         Turquoise Zircon and Tanzanite are gifted to December babies for proper guidance and stability.

So keeping all the factors and importance in mind, Takar jewelry handcrafted a plethora of designs, which contains a mixture of spirituality and fashion.

Amethyst Ring

The main thing about this stone is the distinctive purple color. The spectacular color of this stone ranges from  deep violet and red combo to a lighter lilac hue. This ring features an Amethyst stone at the center, which makes the stone much more fashionable. This stone is particularly used for people, who are born in February. The Greeks and Romans used to believe that Amethyst wards off the intoxication and evil powers. For the beautiful color, the gemstone is widely accepted and also complements with stunning white gold.

Amethyst Ring

Peridot Pendant

Peridot is the stone for people who are born in August. This pendant comprises a serene round cut pristine Peridot. The Pistachio color and the radiance of the stone make it prestigious to wear. The Peridot solemnly stands for strength. The green Peridot crystal is believed to be found in volcanic ashes. The stone especially complements the shine of Gold and protects the wearer from nightmares.


peridot pendant


Ruby Engagement Ring 

Ruby is used for its incredible spark and color. It is called the stone of the queens. A fine red ruby bestows the wearer with good fortune, courage, passion, and emotion. Ruby is the stone for July birthdays. The fascinating Ruby is engraved in the center of this yellow gold ring and the round golden melee is giving the ruby a chance for exposure with the minimal metal allowance.


Ruby engagement ring


Citrine rope ring

The bright Citrine is the stone for November born. This ring has a design of a scorpion and in the middle it seems like it’s holding the full-cut Citrine with a clasp. The word Citrine is a French word which means “lemon.” In ancient times Citrine was a stone to be saved from snake venom and evil thoughts. Now the theory has turned and it is considered as the stone for success and prosperity and that is why it’s Merchants’ personal favorite.


citrine rope ring


Dolphin Topaz Pendant

Dolphins are considered lively and energetic animals. It depicts a happy-go-lucky personality. The pendant features the two kissing dolphins and in the middle it contains a heart shaped topaz stone. Topaz is generally blue, but pink topaz is also quite popular nowadays. The imperial Topaz is admired for the radiance and shine.


Dolphin topaz pendant


To conclude, mix and match fashion with your birthstone could be a go-to option for any occasion. Even if you consider the spiritual value, then your birthstone could be your shield forever and also it won’t be much harder for you to carry it in a style.