Egyptian Gold Jewelry: Pendants and Necklaces

Egyptian Gold Jewelry: Pendants and Necklaces

Mohammad Barkati

In some ways, Egypt is considered to be the home of jewelry. The Ancient Egyptian civilization was one of the first where proper jewelry pieces made of gold were seen. Earlier, simple jewelry pieces made out of seashells, bones, and animal skins were popularized and worn by people. While the concept of jewelry existed, people simply did not have proper material available to make better pieces.

That changed when the Egyptian civilization discovered various tools that could be used to shape and make jewelry out of harder, more durable substances. However, the one single discovery that changed the entire jewelry industry was that of gold. Over time, Egyptians discovered other gemstones and diamonds that could all be used in jewelry.

Before this time, metals such as gold and silver had alternate uses among people. For example, both the metals were considered to have various medicinal benefits and were even used in utensils, in addition to wounds. For starters, the jewelry culture began among the luxurious, high class royalty who saw jewelry pieces as a means to differentiate them from the masses.

Over time, a culture developed where jewelry pieces became a part of their culture, and was used to differentiate between various social classes. The royalty, the queens and their mistresses walked around wearing intricate gemstone decorated pendants and necklaces that have over thousands of years created their own particular style and niche in the industry.

The high end royalty in Egypt appreciated luxurious items, and had a liking for intricate carved jewelry pieces. Here, they were more of an ‘identity’, a means to differentiate between various social classes, than an accessory, as we see in modern times. However, the one discovery which changed everything for the Egyptian jewelry industry was that of solid gold.

It was the first time the metal was seen to have an exclusively aesthetic use, and began to be used by Egyptians for all sorts of jewelry pieces. This in turn led to a specific style of jewelry that still used designs and features that were seen in handmade pieces of earlier times. However, gold was basically non-tarnishable, had a sparkling brilliance about it, and was appreciated for its luxurious look.

This in turn led to trends that are popular even today, although with various modern twists to the style that initially became popular in the Egyptian civilization. Even today, various Egyptian jewelry pieces, especially necklaces and pendants are extremely popular among people. These pieces have various old-fashioned features that first were discovered thousands of years ago.

Solid Gold Hathor Egyptian Goddess Pendant Necklace

Hathor is an influential Egyptian goddess. She is considered to be the goddess of sky, and the mother of Horus and Ra, who is the Egyptian Sun god. The piece itself features a creatively designed image of Hathor who is spreading her wings whilst on her knees.

Egyptian goddess pendant necklace

The Egyptian goddess pendant necklace is available in three color choices: Rose Gold, White Gold and Yellow gold, and has various traditional features coupled with a modern twist and a sparkling polished finish. As always the piece is made and manufactured in the USA, and is entirely handcrafted.

Finding the right Egyptian goddess jewelry piece can be extremely difficult. This is because unlike the piece that you see above, most ‘Egyptian Jewelry’ pieces do not have the intricate style and specific features that were associated with traditionally authentic Egyptian jewelry pieces. This outright lack of choices means that people might have to look quite a lot to find the perfect jewelry piece.

In lieu of that, we have another Egyptian jewelry pendant which is sure to impress people wherever you go.

Gold Egyptian Cartouche Pendant Necklace

The gold Egyptian Cartouche necklace features an old school Egyptian Cartouche tablet made out of solid gold. Cartouche tablets are an integral part of traditional Egyptian culture and often feature famous hieroglyphic images. These images were once seen in the oldest forms of handmade Egyptian jewelry, but have travelled through thousands of years of time, and can feature in pieces that belong to you!

Further, as you can see below, the piece is available in a sterling silver setting as well. As always, each and every jewelry item that you see on the Takar Jewelry website uses 100% natural stones and other gemstones, and have been handcrafted with utmost care. Overall, these are some of the best Egyptian Jewelry pieces you will find on the internet.