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3 Stunning Diamond Wedding Rings

Mohammad Barkati

A Stunning Diamond Wedding Ring (for men)

The tradition of men and women using rings to propose marriage to each other is one that dates back to more than six hundred years. It might as well be the most well preserved tradition that has probably gained even more popularity in the past two centuries or so.

According to the American Gem Society, the first recorded instance of a diamond ring being used for a wedding proposal was when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria used one to propose to Mary of Burgundy. This one event sparked off a continent wide trend among the Aristocracy and other nobility. Of course, before this diamonds were seen as a valuable good and were used in other forms of jewelry.

Nowadays, a wedding proposal for their loved one does not make sense to most without a diamond ring. Of course, while diamonds are popularly used both in engagement and wedding rings, choosing the perfect wedding ring is more difficult than choosing the former.

This is because engagement rings are bought before a wedding ring. Further, as the two rings are often worn together, they should complement each other and be suitable for wearing together. Of course, the reason diamond rings are considered suitable for one’s proclamation of love is that diamonds have always been said to hold special significance.

Traditionally, diamonds were seen as representations of strength and perfection. Further, it is associated with invincibility, courage and truth, all important aspects of every successful marriage. All these aspects, along with its physical features and transparent structure, are all reminders of qualities that every relationship needs, and is built on.

This in turn has made diamonds the perfect symbol of love, and it is a trend that refuses to die down. Every year during the wedding season (April-June and September and October), thousands of couples buy diamond rings to officially convey their love for each other, and the same has been observed despite the recent pandemic-affected months.

Regardless, the high number of choices that exist today, along with the details that you need to sort out makes the task of picking out the perfect ring even more difficult. However, in order to help you, we have listed out a stunning wedding ring which is highly versatile and is more suitable for men.

It is no secret that women have an insanely high number of choices when it comes to diamond wedding rings. One on hand, while there are only a few designs available for men, women have around half a dozen different cut-styles and further designs in each category.

There are a high number of available customizations, along with multiple colors options. To make the job easier for men, we have picked out what we think is currently the best diamond wedding ring that you can buy, for men.

Men's 6-Stone Diamond Wedding Ring

The jewelry industry is predominantly women-driven, and most designs that you see online are made keeping them in mind. Regardless, this curved diamond wedding ring with a line of six engraved diamonds and a simple timeless design is perfectly suited for men.

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The ring is not overtly shiny or glossy, and has a subtle presence in spite of its large design. The ring is not the most suitable for stacking, and has a remarkable presence of its own. Its overall subtle beauty and ability to get noticed makes it quite the perfect Diamond wedding ring.

What’s more, the ring is available in multiple options. The 14 karat white gold wedding ring has a glossy edge which makes it look sharper and brighter than the Sterling silver variant. Further, for men who do not like shiny or ‘tacky’ wedding rings, the ring is always available in the subtler Rose Gold color option.

rose gold pink diamond wedding ring

All the products are 100% handcrafted, and use the best quality gemstones. Further, the rings shown above are hand polished, which gives them an added sheen. At Takar Jewelry, all of our products are Made in America, and we take great pride in the quality and overall beauty of each and every product that we handcraft. Finally, you can also check out the yellow gold variant of the product.

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