Zodiac Rope Heart Pendant Necklace

In Western astrology, the zodiac astrology is divided into twelve signs. Wear your or your loved one's horoscope sign close to your heart wherever you go with this trendy pendant necklace fit for any occasion.

The heart-shaped 925 sterling silver or solid gold structure at the center further adds to the uniqueness of the overall necklace.

 Product Information:

  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver | 10K or 14K Yellow/Rose/White Gold
  • Weight: 925 Sterling Silver ~0.8g | 10K Gold ~1.0g | 14K Gold ~1.1g (Varies Slightly With Zodiac Sign)
  • Dimensions: Height ~0.60in x Width ~0.63in
  • Chain: Rolo Chain
  • SKU: TKM935 | TKM932 | TKM930 | TKM929 | TKM939 | TKM934 | TKM937 | TKM940 | TKM938 | TKM933 | TKM936

Made in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Zodiac Rope Heart Pendant Necklace

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