Best jewelry gift ideas for her

No matter the occasion or kind of relationship, gifting women jewelry is hands down a no brainer. However, with the wide variety of jewelry types and designs available in the market, choosing the perfect gift can often become a difficult task. Further, various customizations can be used to make the gift more personalized, and therefore special. In this article, we will look at the best jewelry gifts for her’ the woman you want to make feel special.

Birthstone pendant necklaces: While pendants and necklaces of all types are extremely popular amongst women, birthstone necklaces have seen a recent increase in popularity. The reasons are many. Personalized birthstones that signify the zodiac sign of the gift receiver, as well as other specific customizations such as name and initial engravings, make the necklace a one of a kind piece specifically made for one individual.

peridot pendant gold

Further, various gemstones are traditionally considered to hold special meaning, such as emeralds are said to represent mercy and compassion, whereas rubies are seen as symbols of loyalty and love. Additionally, the high range of variety available in designs and shapes means that finding the perfect gift reflective of the personality of the receiver is an easy task, nowadays.

Earrings: When it comes to finding jewelry gifts girlfriends will love, earrings are one of the safest choices. An impressive pair of diamond or gold earrings has the versatility and individual brilliance that allows it to be worn with all sorts of attires and jewelry. Most designer jewelry options are somewhat unfit for everyday use, but with a sleek pair of earrings one can never go wrong!

Solitaire Asscher-Cut CZ Stud Earrings

At Takar jewelry, we have a wide range of traditional Asscher-cut and birthstone stud earrings that have unique one of a kind designs and multiple customizations and size options. Further, we only sell handcrafted products and use the best quality of stones and gemstones in our designs.

Opal jewelry: Another recently popular gift option for women is opal jewelry. Opals have traditionally been associated with love and passionate eroticism, and are the perfect gift options for your partner for any occasion. Further, opals act as emotional stabilizers and are used in different kinds of jewelry options, such as necklaces, pendants, and rings.

Opal Gemstone Libra Zodiac Rope Ring

Opals are one of the most beautiful gemstones available in the market today, and are perfect for women who love jewelry that stands out on its own. Opal jewelry is suitable for every occasion, and one does not need to wait for a special day to gift his partner an opal ring or a necklace.

If those reasons are not enough, opal rings and necklaces come in a variety of designs and shapes, such as the Turtle ring or the cross ring.

Statement rope rings: As far as jewelry gifts for women are concerned, statement rope rings are one of the boldest options available. They are larger than normal fashion rings that generally feature an oversized gem or gold motif.

rose gold rope ring

Needless to say, the aesthetics of the statement rings allow for an extraordinarily high number of designs and sizes, and they generally feature a message or a story through bold designs or accentuated features.

yellow gold rope ring

Due to the variety, statement rings make for impressive gifts for all kinds of relationships, and there are specific designs available for mothers, daughters and friends.

In acknowledgment of how difficult a task it can be to find the perfect gift, statement rings are surely an option worth considering.

Heart-shaped pendant necklace: Heart-shaped pendant necklaces are also timeless gifts that can be given on any occasion and in any relationship. There is a variety of available designs and might have diamonds or other specific gemstones attached.

Heart-shaped pendant necklaces add a new depth and creativity to the overall look. They are usually only worn with casual and semi-formal attire, and are highly valued gifts because of the special meaning attached.

june birthstone pendant

Charm pendants are one of the most popular types of jewelry of the past decade, and have emerged as a popular trend that looks set to continue, especially because of the innumerable new designs and styles that seem to come up on a weekly basis, almost.


These are the new trendy gift ideas, with plenty of possible customizations that make them suitable for all kinds of relationships and occasions. Further, at the end of the day, what matters most is not the type of jewelry that you choose, but the special meaning and aesthetic features of the individual piece.

Finally, it might be that the woman you want to surprise has entirely unique preferences when it comes to jewelry, and therefore it is of paramount importance to think about the gift keeping her personality in mind. That is what decides the suitability of every gift, at the end of the day.

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