Alexandrite - unique stone, which can show different colors when viewed from different directions! Typically, its three pleochroic colors are green, orange, and purple-red. However, the striking color change doesn’t arise from the gem’s pleochroism, but rather from the mineral’s unusual light-absorbing properties.

Product Information

Metal Type: 10k or 14k Yellow/Rose/White 

Weight: 10k - 0.8 g | 14k - 0.9 g 

Pendant Size: Height - 0.68 inches | Width - 0.59 inches 

Stone Information

Stone: 1 Round-Shaped Purple Alexandrite

Size and Total Carat Weight:  2.5 mm, 0.05 CT



Made in USA

Gemini Zodiac & June Birthstone Genuine Alexandrite Pendant/Necklace in Solid Gold

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