The meaning of Blue Topaz is information and communication. It is used to develop good communication and to express yourself clearly. The power of Blue Topaz also includes writing skills. If you are not accustomed to public speaking, try wearing Blue Topaz. The gemstone can help you to choose the right words and to improve your concentration. It also helps you to express yourself both speaking and writing. 

Product Information

Metal Type: 10k or 14k Yellow/Rose/White 

Weight: 10k - 0.8 g | 14k - 0.9 g 

Pendant Size: Height - 0.82 inches | Width - 0.61 inches 

Stone Information

Stone: 1 Round-Shaped Blue Topaz

Size and Total Carat Weight:  2.5 mm, 0.05 CT



Made in USA

Saggitarius Zodiac & December Birthstone Genuine Topaz Pendant/Necklace in Solid Gold

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