Products Genuine Garnet Capricorn Zodiac Rope Ring


Style your personality with our unique Solid Gold Dainty Capricorn Zodiac Rope Ring with a Genuine Garnet. 

The Capricornians have a sense of maturity and a philosophical outlook on life. They are intuitive, like ambitious goats that achieve their goals by purposeful and systematic means. 

For those born between December 22 - January 19, showcase your Capricorn force and drive to success with our capricorn ring gold

This 10k /14k gold garnet ring is quite beautiful and is a great gift for any Capricorn.

 Product Details

10K: 2.4 Grams

14K: 2.5 Grams

Genuine Garnet- 2.5 mm 


Made in USA

Genuine Garnet Capricorn Zodiac Rope Ring In Solid Gold

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